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Search Results Page Design

by Arianne Foulks

October 28, 2014

There’s a page on your website that you may not have given a lot of thought to – your search results page. If you haven’t spent much time thinking about your search results page design, go check it out. Search for something using the search box on your site, and take a look at what results your visitors get.

  • Are the results accurate?
  • Is the list of results understandable?
  • Will people know which link to click once they’ve gotten a dump of results?
  • Do you include photos and excerpts to help guide searchers?

How smart is your search results page design?

I’ve gathered together some search result designs we’ve done that I think are particularly helpful to the searcher.

1canoe2's search results page design
1canoe2’s results help you shop

Ecommerce sites with no other content are the easiest to make a simple search results page design for. But what about improving upon that and letting people add items to their cart directly from the search results page? Chris set this site up so that you can buy what you were looking for with no extra steps.


Aeolidia's search results page design
Aeolidia’s results differentiate between posts and projects

On our site, I wanted to be sure searchers would be able to tell if they’d found a project in our portfolio, a blog post, or a page on our site. Shoshanna added little aqua colored boxes that tell you what type of page you’ve found.


Ann Kelle's search results page design
Ann Kelle’s blog archives are attractive and helpful

Ann Kelle’s search results page was a total mess before Zoe took a crack at them. Now they’re nicely organized with photos and excerpts that let you know where to go.


Cloud9 fabrics search results page design
Cloud9 mixes blog posts with fabric lines

Cloud9’s site lets you sort and filter, and Shoshanna also set up a clear search results page that lets you see a photo, a title, a date, number of comments, and sharing icons.


I Heart Guts search results page design
I Heart Guts has so much content!

The I Heart Guts site has products, blog posts, information about guts, and much more. The search looks through all of that content, and will give you all the info you need about the gut you searched for. Zoe spent some time organizing these results in a way that is informative and interesting.

How is your search engine results page looking? If you’re interested in redesigning your site, and  having all of these little details lovingly cared for by Aeolidia, please come say hi to me today!

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