Aeolidia’s Design Schedule

Aeolidia's design schedule

Your small but fast growing business is perfectly poised to make a big splash in online retail, and that’s exactly where Aeolidia loves to meet you. We are highly-ranked official Shopify Experts, with a history of exceeding expectations. Our work is strategic, completely custom, data-informed, and entirely goals-based. We like to get involved when we know our work can be transformative and cause exponential growth.

Monthly sales now surpass previous yearly sales, subscribers are up 30%, and richer customer data lends itself to more focused marketing. Aeolidia was organized and easy to work with. —Molly Hatch feedback summary

The user-friendly site Aeolidia built catalyzed a marked increase in online sales, and their marketing advice continues to pay dividends. Their well-grooved project management processes expedited delivery, and their individualized approach to service instills confidence in small business customers. —Pure Luxe Apothecary feedback summary

Aeolidia has been a game-changer, helping a retail business move into the wholesale. Within the first 6 months of launching the new website, sales increased 1,200%, while annual revenue increased 150% in 2017. Their team consistently meets deadlines and provides a customized experience. —Handcrafted Honeybee feedback summary

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Ready? If you’re ready to move forward with your business, and to invest in some outside help, we would love to be your team.

How long a project takes

Most of our projects are similar as far as scope, and take about this long:

  • A logo takes 6-15 weeks
  • A website takes 20-26 weeks
  • Doing both together takes 20-32 weeks (and comes at a discount)

More fully-featured websites may take longer than this. Same thing for logo projects that include additional packaging design work. We will discuss this with you and account for it in your unique project proposal.

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When should you get started?

We’d be glad to discuss that with you in detail over the phone, but if you have big plans for trade shows, holidays, or your busy season in the next year, you’ll want to get in touch to make a plan.

We are glad to book you up to 6 months in advance. When we do that, you lock in our current prices, have accountability to meet your business goals, and will get our support in the months leading up to your project. Please contact us if you’re interested in telling us more about your retail goals and objectives so we can put together a custom proposal for you.

Not quite ready?

If you’re not quite ready to do this work for your business (or you aren’t sure if you are or not), a great next step is to read through our PDF that will help you know if you’re ready, show you how much money your website could be making, and let you figure out what the return on investment could be for your project: