Custom Shopify website design for a housewares brand

Aeolidia to the rescue!

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Client's Problem

Their original website was getting out of date and they needed a new site that is mobile responsive, as well as a dedicated wholesale site.

Aeolidia to the rescue!

What We Delivered


  • Home Page
  • Product page


  • Home page
  • About page
  • Category descriptions

Our Solutions

Long loved by industry insiders, Formaticum came to Aeolidia to create a new website that better showcased their unique product offerings for a retail audience of cheese lovers.

Overall, we’re stoked with the transformation and look go forward to watching Formaticum amp up their retail sales with this contemporary, shoppable design!

Home Page

Custom Shopify website design for a gourmet brand

Formaticum home page design by Do-Hee Kim

Website Solutions

We transformed their info-heavy, blog-centric site into a site that is intuitive and easily shoppable (with expert info available for those who want to dig a little deeper!). Drawing inspiration from their no-nonsense New York personality along with their vivid photography & videography, we created a polished yet approachable shop where cheese lovers can both learn about and shop the best in cheese storage solutions.

We also wanted to make sure that the web design choices allowed for the Formaticum team to tell the story behind its unique products, so we slotted in modular, custom opportunities for storytelling across the website like the Product pages.

Product page

Custom Shopify website design for a kitchen brand

Formaticum site page design by Do-Hee Kim

Home page

Cheese was not put on this earth to be wrapped in plastic. This living, breathing, gastronomic miracle suffocates in non-porous materials. But when stored properly, it lasts longer and retains the original traits the cheesemaker intended.

Formaticum cheese storage products reserve the essence of cheese so you can enjoy its true taste in all its glory. Make spoiled cheese a thing of the past. Save your cheese.




For cheese professionals. Sell our goods, use our goods, order custom printed everything.

About page

We’ve been protecting the life of cheese and defending its flavor since 2006. Imagine a world without professional cheese packaging materials —the horror. Cheese is a delicacy, and an often expensive one, at that. We work directly with leading European manufacturers to bring you the same specialty materials used by the finest European cheese purveyors. Our cheese storage paper and bags will help you savor every last bite, just as the cheesemaker intended.

I’m Mark Goldman, the owner and founder of Formaticum. I’ve been working in the cheese business since 2004, and immediately upon discovering my love of cheese I dedicated myself to eating as many different types of cheese as possible. This sent me on a cheese pilgrimage to (where else?) Paris.

Picture my first night in the city: after a day of exploring cheese shops, I spread out my bounty over the bed and took in the aromatic funk of at least forty varieties of cheese. There was camembert, brie de meaux and vacherin mont d’or, all raw milk and delicious, of course! As I sipped my wine, I admired the assortment of materials wrapping my bounty. What were these materials? And how cool was it that they were all branded with the name of the purveyor so I could remember where I had purchased them?

The packaging differentiated these cheeses and, in a way, made them look noble. By the end of my trip, I’d driven to factories all over France to learn everything I could about cheese packaging: That it not only looks good, but protects flavor and allows for proper oxygen exchange, letting cheese breathe. After all, cheese is alive. Let’s not suffocate it and let it spoil before we can eat it.

Since that trip to Paris in 2005, I’ve dedicated myself to honoring the makers and defending flavor.

It’s not all about cheese. We are dedicated to making our ecological footprint as small as possible and we believe in treating workers fairly and with integrity. We only work with companies that share these same principles. Our European manufacturers uphold the most robust standards of quality for product performance, food safety, and for the protection and well-being of their employees.

Since our founding in 2006, we’ve worked with ARCs for the repackaging of our retail products. ARCs are community organizations that provide employment for people with intellectual and development disabilities. Learn more about their work here.

Category descriptions

Professional Cheese Storage
Traditionally used by retailers throughout Europe to package and preserve cheese, our professional-grade storage paper and bags just too good to keep all to ourselves. We were the first to make them available for home use, and cheese enthusiasts the world over rejoiced. Designed specifically for cheese, the products retain proper humidity while allowing for cheese-friendly oxygen exchange.

Biodegradable Cheese Storage
Our biodegradable cellophane has been a hit with professionals for so long, we figured it’s about time to sell it to consumers who eat cheese at home like it’s their job. Manufactured in France specifically for the purpose of preserving cheese without impacting its flavor, this cellophane is derived from wood fibers and contains no plastic, making it 100% biodegradable.

Reusable and Recyclable Food Storage
Reduce food waste and garbage waste. Introducing reusable and recyclable food storage sheets and bags. The synthetic eggshell design copies the best of mother nature. Made from calcium carbonate and other trace minerals that mirror the composition of an eggshell, this 100% recyclable, reusable packaging material retains a food’s natural humidity level and allows proper air exchange so it stays fresher longer. Ideal for all your favorite, delicious foods that aren’t lucky enough to be cheese.

Tools, Gifts, Sets & Collections
We’re here for all your cheesy gift needs. Wait, let’s try that again. Our products make excellent gifts for the cheese lovers, foodies, and people-who-pretend-to-know-about-food-but-thankfully-have-you-to-teach-them in your life. Give them the tools the experts use, or find tote bags, t-shirts, or other culinary miscellanea.

Building your business online is a huge job. Stop struggling with it yourself!

Having a team of experts with their thinking caps on for your business is a feeling like no other. We are professional, punctual, and our clients tell us that our work is transformative.

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