Looking for a Shopify custom design team? You’re in the right place. A one of a kind business needs a custom-designed website.

Rather than cramming your photos and information into a Shopify theme that was designed for a basic fill-in-the-blank type shop, you need something special. When you’re a creative business, what you do and sell is a bit different. See how custom will make you more money.

“Pretty” is not our mission (though it’s a nice side effect of good UX – User eXperience design). We build powerful sales tools, completely from scratch, and not based on pre-existing themes or templates. The custom Shopify websites Aeolidia creates have a reputation for transforming businesses, taking them to the next level, and resulting in substantial improvements to ecommerce conversion rates and online sales.

You get the power, flexibility, and 24/7 service of Shopify, with the features, strategy, and unique details of a custom site.

View our Shopify custom design projects:

Building your business online is a huge job. Stop struggling with it yourself!

Having a team of experts with their thinking caps on for your business is a feeling like no other. We are professional, punctual, and our clients tell us that our work is transformative.