Translating a Feeling Into a Website

Working with small businesses who love what they do is a constant delight to me. All the text below is directly from our client, Karl Sorenson, passionate proprietor of P.O.S.H., a vintage housewares shop. His vision is so vibrant, and it was truly an honor to bring it to life.

P.O.S.H. home page

“It’s early morning and the sky is just beginning to brighten. Although your mind is still foggy with sleep, your heart is beating quickly in anticipation of what lies ahead. You’ve rounded the corner at Avenue Georges-Lafenestre and there it is: the reason you’ve journeyed to Paris, the reason you’ve denied yourself sleep – the Porte de Vanves Fleamarket. You walk quickly past the first stalls until you find yourself in the middle of the market. Surrounded on all sides by treasure, you stop in front of a table heavy-laden with a life-time of crockery. And there…there in the middle of the table you spot it. Your hand is visibly trembling and your heart feels as though it is about to burst from your chest as you carefully reach for it and gingerly lift it towards you. Somehow you know you were meant to be there at that table in the middle of that market. You ask the vendeur the price knowing full well you will pay almost anything for it…”

The feeling that I’ve tried to describe in this little story is the feeling I want people to have when they visit It’s the feeling they have when they are in our store – a sense of discovery and of being transported to another place and time. Memories, treasure, beauty, quantity…and feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all. A feeling that at any moment they are about to find that which they’ve been searching for their whole lives…

The challenge: to translate a feeling into a website.

To simply create an e-commerce website wasn’t going to be enough. We needed to also make the site conjure up feelings and emotions; to be a romantic site that allowed for rich stories to be told; to seem timelessly vintage, yet modern and fresh. That was the challenge that we presented to Aeolidia and they responded with a team of creative people that not only met our expectations, but exceeded them. They kept us organized and on-track. They pushed us to fully articulate our vision and then translated it perfectly. Aeolidia was the ideal fit for P.O.S.H. because, quite simply, they “got” us.

P.O.S.H. website before Aeolidia

P.O.S.H. has come so far from that “before,” haven’t they? Please take a look around their site to see if they have that item that sets your hand to trembling… and say hello to Karl and his team in the comments.

Do you feel like your website is suffering an identity crisis, and is at odds with your intended style? Let’s talk it over!

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