The Pitch Kit

Hi, pal! Times have changed, and our Pitch Kit is taking a break. It’s smart to know how to pitch your products to influencers, and that’s always a good skill to have. But just being smart and savvy about how you email bloggers and influencers is usually not all you need any more – most of these kinds of promotions are pay to play now. So we don’t feel right getting your hopes up that you can just be friendly and interesting and get a free feature on a huge blog.

Here’s where to head next:

  1. Work directly with our marketing team to do outreach for you that will lead to sales: email me to ask about this
  2. Join our free members’ club so I can send you a huge pile of our very best, most up to date info on how to grow and promote your business: grab a spot
  3. Read up on all of our marketing and promotion tips and advice on the blog: learn to market your business

Promoting your business online is hard work, but it’s no mystery. I hope we can help you get it all figured out. Having an advertising and marketing budget will make it a lot easier.