Parrott Design Studio Website Redesign

This is an interview with one of our clients, Sarah Parrott, who runs Parrott Design Studio, a boutique letterpress studio in Providence, Rhode Island. Sarah shares how her new website has helped solve her business challenges by moving her business forward, showing that a professional website has helped her in getting wholesale accounts.


Sarah’s Challenges

Before we began work on the new site design for Parrott Design Studio, we asked Sarah to explain her current challenges:

My website has always been more of a portfolio website for my wedding invitation work and my Etsy shop had my greeting cards (no wedding invitations). It felt like I was running two different and separate businesses and many wedding clients did not know I designed greeting cards and vice versa. And now I have over 100 retailers and growing!

My main goal for a new website is to have a complete Parrott Design Studio experience for both retail and wholesale buyers on one site complete with a shop for my paper goods and portfolio of my custom work while having control over the content with the ability to update text and photos as needed.

The New Parrot Design Studio Website

Parrott web design by Aeolidiasee the full Parrott Design Studio project in our portfolio

We asked Sarah to explain how her new, professional website has solved her business challenges and helped her in getting wholesale accounts:

I definitely feel that my business is more streamlined and I have one place to point my three main clients – interested retailers, potential custom clients. and customers who want to buy cards direct from me, which was one of my main goals. People can now see everything I do in one place, which I love.

The website has definitely solved the issue of feeling like I run two separate businesses (as I had said, many wedding clients did not know I designed greeting cards and vice versa). Now I find a lot of my brides are purchasing cards from me while we are working together and even after we work together.

We have been letting all our current retailers and any new inquiries know that they can order via our website now and we just processed our first two wholesale orders via our website and it was amazing!! We still get a surprising amount of faxes and emails for orders, so we are slowly encouraging those customers to make the leap.

A side note, I have been reaching out to sales reps groups, introducing my line and I had one tell me they were so impressed with my website and thought it was one of the best they had ever seen for a small business. And that is exactly what I wanted people to think! I wanted people to know I am serious about what I do, have a great product, and can deliver.

Thank you so much, Sarah, for a peek into Parrott Design Studio!

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