Ongoing Newsletter Copywriting

Ponderlily newsletter template design for boutique stationery brand

Email marketing is an essential component of your overall marketing strategy. It’s one of the only channels that you actually own, and offers an ROI of 30:1.

An effective email strategy requires regular communication with your list of subscribers. Emailing your list once a month is insufficient for creating brand loyalty and driving sales. To attain amazing ROI, we recommend that your subscribers receive an email between 2 and 4 times a month, from regular newsletters or a combination of newsletters and automated email sequences.

Amazing email copy yields higher open rates, better conversion rates, and nurtures a long-term relationship with your subscribers. By focusing on connecting with your customer, our email copywriting specialist creates emails that foster customer loyalty and deliver results.

Monthly Newsletter Copywriting

Regular connection is crucial for cultivating an ongoing relationship with your customer. With your email list being one of your best marketing strategies, this regular task is essential to stay on top of.

Stacey, our email copywriter transforms your brainstorms about your business into complete emails ready to connect, telling your unique story in your brand’s voice.

A few examples of email topics that we know to be successful are:

  • A product spotlight
  • A tutorial on how to use a product
  • Suggestions for related interests, curated from a collection of brands
  • A peek behind the scenes of your company
  • General interest information
  • Educational content in your product segment niche

When you have professionally-written copy for these emails, you’re ensuring that every subscriber is receiving quality and engagement-driven content. It’s fuel for a lasting relationship.

How It Works

Customer engagement is at the center of every piece of copy we write. If we aren’t already working with you, unearthing your unique selling proposition is our first step. Our specialist email copywriter, Stacey, will send you a series of questions that digs deep to understand your ‘why’. Our clients often find this phase incredibly enlightening—she has a way of asking insightful questions that get to the heart of your ideal customer’s perspective.

We distill the golden essence of what makes your company and products amazing, telling your story in a way that connects with your online customers as if you were talking to them in-person. We deliver your copy perfectly optimized to deliver results.

When you work with us for email copywriting, you can expect:

  • Subject lines that maximize open rates.
  • Customized pre-headers (the text preview of an email), the 2nd largest determining factor in open rates.
  • Engaging, story-driven copy that connects with customers. It’s great content that builds a long-term customer-relationship, not a pushy sale.
  • A true understanding of your brand’s voice and ideal audience.
  • Engaging copy for emails that deliver sales. It’s strategic storytelling at work.

For this monthly retainer service, you’ll provide our copywriter with an outline or bullet points of the monthly topics. Stacey will fill out the outline in an engaging way, using a voice consistent with your brand. Once you’ve approved the copy, you’ll insert it into your email template.

We can create either 2 or 4 monthly emails, on an ongoing basis.

Hire Aeolidia for ongoing newsletter copywriting

We can include this service along with an Advanced Klaviyo Setup project, Automated Email Marketing Copywriting, Email Template Design project, or as a first step if you’d like to dip your toes in the water before committing to a larger project with us.

If we’re not already talking about a project with you, let’s start! You can tell us more about your business and request our rate sheet here:

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