Making the Leap from Aeolidia Fan to Client: Patti Clancy

Admit it, we all do it. You know…you follow a brand, product, or service for months (sometimes years) in awe of their work. You dream of the day you can finally work with them. Perhaps you’re waiting for your small business to grow a bit, or you’re getting all your ducks in a row for a big launch. So how do you know when you’re ready to take the leap?

We thought we’d offer a few pointers inspired by our recent project for Patti Clancy. Patti is an artist who combined her fine art skills with her faux finishing training to create gorgeously-textured paintings. Her new collection incorporates all 50 state birds, so she came to us in need of a strong brand identity for her work.

At the start of her project, Patti confessed that, while she’d been following Aeolidia for months and liked what she’d seen, it still took her a while to make the leap from fan to client.

“I wanted to be sure I could trust that Aeolidia would invest the time and effort to go deep with me, and help me build a beautiful e-commerce website, unique to my product… I spent a lot of time researching your actual work – your e-commerce websites, and finally felt comfortable that I would get the kind of support and expertise I needed to create the caliber of website I desired.”

Tip #1: Fancy working with us, but want to be sure? We of course suggest following us on Instagram and the like, but don’t hesitate to go a little deeper. Signing up for our newsletter, or joining our Facebook Biz Tips group, is a great way for you to get to know more about us (and us about you). You’ll learn more about our approach, our work ethic, and get a sense for how we gel. Plus, we love working with familiar faces!

For Patti’s project, we developed a logo, a secondary logo, and a brand guide, then helped her set up a simple shop online with her new identity as part of our “web identity” brand package. Very quickly, she came to realize that the real value was not simply in the design, color palettes, and graphic elements we created for her, but in the way they all came together to form the foundation for her business’s next steps. Soon, Patti was incorporating her new identity into her full exhibits and marketing plans… even getting excited about the things she’d previously dreaded, like sending out a newsletter!


Tip #2: Think long-term. Though an Aeolidia project can take anywhere between two and six months, the results are a lasting investment in the future of your company. We want to work with clients who don’t just want a logo, but a strong, powerful brand. We love business owners who totally get that a new website is not just a nice design, but a customer-friendly experience that engages, converts, and builds buzz.

Sometimes even the smallest details make the biggest difference. Once Melanie designed the logo and began incorporating it into different marketing materials, Patti began to realize the full potential of her brand. “Seeing what you did with the greeting card shows me that I can now put any message on any banner of any bird. It opens up a whole new variety of products and price points for my art. That is powerful!”

Tip #3: It’s okay to start small (but smart). We understand that not every business is ready for huge changes. But we also understand the power of transformative changes—the kind that, with just a little shift, can set you on a path to great big things ahead. Sometimes that first step is a logo and branding guide, like it was for Patti. Sometimes it’s a rewiring of your e-commerce site’s customer experience. This is why, before the beginning of every project, our team puts their heads together and brainstorms what the best steps are for your unique business goals.

Patti Clancy business stationery design

Ready for that leap? Shall we dance? We can’t wait to work with you and become your newest, biggest fans! Contact us to get started.