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Make a Contact Page that Saves Everyone Some Trouble

by Arianne Foulks

January 8, 2013

Make a Contact Page That Saves Everyone Some Trouble

Here’s a page on your site that could likely use some sprucing up: the contact page! This is an important page, especially for any kind of small or handmade business. My goals for a contact page are:

1) Make people feel welcome
2) Make it easy to get in touch
3) Save yourself some trouble

Make people feel welcome

The contact page should help people realize that you are friendly, approachable, and that you want to receive their email. If they’re feeling at all  hesitant, then don’t feel welcomed by your Contact page, they may skedaddle out of there.

How to do it? All you need is a friendly and personal greeting from you – maybe a line or two of text.

Welcoming contact page
Blue Green Planet’s super friendly page

Make it easy to get in touch

We don’t want this page to be tricky for anyone to use! I don’t recommend printing your email address straight on your contact page, because that makes it too easy for spam robots to grab it and add you to a million junk mail lists, clogging your inbox. So, right away, you have a barrier to making the contact page easy to use.

Since you’re preventing people from just emailing you directly from their regular email program, you need to make their other options as easy as possible. I include a graphic with my email address (in case they’d like to type that into their mail program), a contact form, and my social media accounts. You can also include a phone number if it makes sense to have people calling you.

Contact form inspiration
Our contact form, with an expanding FAQ and alternate contact methods.

Save yourself some trouble

This is particularly for people who get too much unnecessary email from customers or clients. You don’t want to make people feel that they shouldn’t get in touch with you, but if you get the same questions over and over, having the answers on your contact page will save you from getting an extra email about it, and save your customer from having to write and await an answer.

Informative contact page
Lindsay links you to pages to learn more, has a special holiday alert, and lets you know when she’s available to reply.

If a new year redesign is looking too daunting, how about a quick brush up of your contact page? It’s a great place to start!

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