Advanced MailChimp Setup For Shopify

Advanced MailChimp Setup For Shopify
Your email newsletter is one of your most powerful marketing channels, not to mention one of the few that you control. But if you are blasting out the same message to your whole list, this direct line of communication with your customers is probably not as effective as it could be.

If you have been using MailChimp’s basic features with success, bring in expert help to set up more advanced features. There are many ways to get more value from your mailing list.

Projects may include, but are not limited to:

  • Setting up an ecommerce automation such as abandoned cart, purchase follow up, and/or re-engagement campaigns.
  • Setting up an automated series of ​onboarding ​emails, to immediately engage your most recent subscribers.
  • Creating segments within your list so you can send targeted email to just the right people.
  • Setting up an “opt-in” or freebie offer to increase new subscribers.
  • Merging multiple lists into one list with groups, to streamline and save MailChimp fees.
  • Cleaning your mailing list of unengaged subscribers, to raise your conversion rates and save fees.

We are able to assist with design work, copywriting and marketing strategy on these projects. Our copywriter will identify your key product features, imagine questions/issues a potential customer may have before making a purchase, and break down the barriers to purchase in a fun, engaging and story-telling way. Our designer will ensure your email looks professional, on-brand, and like a little inbox treat.

It can be scary to make these kinds of changes yourself! With help, you can feel safe that you’re not going to email people automatically on accident, get people on the wrong list, or lose engaged subscribers.

Basically: if your MailChimp setup feels inefficient or messy, bring us in to clean it all up and get it working smoothly for you, so you can start making more money from your list.

How It Works

Work with Helen on our team to plan and implement advanced MailChimp techniques for you. We’ll kick things off with a phone call to talk about the kinds of conversations you’d like to have with your customers to increase engagement and sales. We’ll especially focus on ways to use automation so that your email campaigns are more targeted without requiring more of your time!

The scope of work is for the technical configuration of these advanced MailChimp features, but the contents of the emails themselves will be set up by you. We will include tutorials that cover adding/editing content in the automation emails and sending emails to segments.

We will create a unique plan based on your business’s needs and current state of your mailing list. Here are some examples of the kinds of features often included in the scope:


It’s great to be able to deliver targeted messages to your customers with a personal touch We can create predefined segments for you that are auto-updating. Once you see how these work, you’ll probably feel comfortable adding others in the future, but some possibilities could be:

  • Big spenders.
  • Repeat customers.
  • Customers who purchased _____ (could be something like: product, category of product, certain product options, etc.).
  • Gift givers.
  • Subscribers who have never purchased.


There are so many powerful things you can do with automations! Automated emails are triggered by subscription or ecommerce events. Here are some ideas:

  • Welcome messages. This can be as simple as delivering an incentive for signing up or it can be a sequence of onboarding emails to familiarize new customers with your brand.
  • Winning back past customers by kindly nudging them to make a purchase.
  • Longer abandoned cart sequences than what is available as part of Shopify.
  • An automatic post-purchase follow-up email promoting an item that coordinates with a recent purchase.
  • A promotion sent on or before a customer’s birthday.

Audit of Mailchimp settings

  • Check over integration with Shopify.
  • Domain authentication for better deliverability.
  • Google Analytics integration.


If you need help with setting up groups within a list, merging lists, or implementing other best practices, we can talk about that too!

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