Logo questionnaire

  • So we can assess the potential for exponential growth of your business with this project.
  • Tell us all about your business. What does your business provide that your competitors do not? What is your business' personality or style? If you aren't absolutely clear about this, read more about how we create a brand strategy
  • What should we know about who your product or service is meant for? This might have nothing to do with demographics (gender, age, job) and instead might be more focused around a problem to be solved (i.e. a busy parent who wants an easy way to spend more quality time with children). If you have completed a target customer profile, please share it.
  • We find it very helpful to have a specific goal for each project, so we are able to focus all of our efforts to help you meet it. For a logo project, this is usually a shift in perceptions about your company. Is there a certain way you'd like people to feel when they see your new branding? Specific retailers you're trying to attract, or stores you'd like to be sold in? How will you know if you've achieved what you hoped for?
  • If you've chosen a name for your business, is it trademarked, or have you completed trademark research to see if the name is available to use in your industry? We can help with this. How long have you been using the name, and is a name change something you may be interested in for this project?
  • Could you let me know how long you've had your current logo, and how it was designed? What is not working for you about it, and what do you feel is holding you back? Please let us know in what ways the new logo should be an improvement.
  • What type of design do you like? You don't have to be very specific now, but it would help to know what other websites you like, just so we can get a feel for your style and pair you with our most fitting designer. We also have a detailed design questionnaire that we will talk over with you during the project.
  • Please check the boxes of anything you may want to have designed as part of your brand identity work.
  • We would like to provide you with a cohesive brand, and don't want to leave out anything you may need. Please list anything you'd like to have designed that isn't covered by the checkboxes above. You can also use this space to give us more detail about any brand collateral.
  • How do you currently promote and market your business? Do you have any questions about how to get the word out about what you do, either via social media or by getting press?
  • Show us your current materials by uploading photos of your product packaging, business stationery, or store signage now. This will help us to see what would be most fitting for you and where improvements could be made.
    Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf.