It's an Aeolidia Blog – and a Giveaway!

Blog Birth Announcement

Guess what? I got a blog up and running. True, I had the phrase “Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog” going through my head as I worked on it, but here it is!

You’ll notice that it has plenty of content. That’s because I merrily added all of my past newsletters here as blog posts. I didn’t want to lose track of my guest post content, so I’ve included an excerpt of each post that is elsewhere, with a link to the elsewhere.

Please poke around and check everything out! I’d love to hear your thoughts.

You’ll notice an email subscription box on the right, and you can subscribe through Google Reader (or your feed reader of choice) here:


A giveaway!

Now then, what blog birth announcement is complete without a giveaway? It’s been a long time since we’ve done one of these! Two excellent winners will get to choose between:

  • Social Media Package ($320 value), including:
    • Facebook cover photo and avatar.
    • Twitter background and color scheme.
    • Answer to one (1) burning social media question of yours.
  • Website Consultation for your current site ($300 value), including advice on:
    • Organizing your content/navigation.
    • Improving usability.
    • Increasing customer/visitor interest.
    • Streamlining product information.
  • Business Consultation ($230 value), including:
    • Help with any question about running a small business.
    • Email consultation or 30 minute Skype chat with our marketing adviser.
    • Summary report and next steps to take.
  • Copywriting Package ($340 value), including:
    • Text written for two website pages (or one website page and one pitch letter or one press release).
    • Copy also delivered in HTML markup to plunk on your website.

To be eligible for A, you need to have a logo design that you’re happy with or be ready to work on that project with us first. To be eligible for B, you need to have a website you’d like some advice about. To be eligible for C, all you need is a business, or a plan to start a business! D can be website pages (so you’d need a website), or a pitch letter for you to use when pitching your product to blogs.


How to Win

I’ll choose the winner using the WordPress Pick a Giveaway Winner plugin on Friday, November 2, at 2pm PST and I’ll edit this post to include the winner’s info. Please be sure to include contact info when commenting, so I can let you know you won!

How to win? Well, I want some action around here! Please post a comment telling me which prize you’d choose and what kind of info would be very handy for you to see here in the future. Or let me know what is most fun to read from the types of posts I have on here now.

Please consider this Ask a Web Designer day, and post any and all stupid and smart questions. I’ll either answer you or make a future blog post out of it. If you just want to say hi or ask a question, but don’t need a prize, just don’t mention which prize you want.

Thanks, friends!

The contest is over, but we’d still love to hear from you!

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About the Author

Hello, I'm Arianne! I am the head storyteller, idea hatcher, and yaysayer here at Aeolidia. I started making websites for friends in 1997, and never lost interest in building online homes for fascinating people. I have a great boss (me!) and I'm unafraid to play hooky to head out on an adventure. Some day I'll tell you about the time when, as a marine biology student, I was bitten by a baby elephant seal.

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  1. Hi Arianne! I’d totally love the website consultation. As a small business owner, all of the DIY tips you post on this blog are amazing. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the future of web design for small biz… what are the latest trends? If/when I do a redesign, I would like to be ahead of the curve in terms of usability and tech. Thanks so much!

    • Hi Peggy,

      We have a post about effective web design that you may be interested in:

      I would say the future of web design is going to be to make sure everything works smoothly across mobile devices, which can mean cutting down on features (mostly bells & whistles type features) and keeping everything simple and usable.

        • Good question, Peggy! Zoe herself has two blogs, and I think she was trying to say that a blog is not a requirement for every business, nor is it necessarily the best way to spend marketing time for every type of business. It can certainly be hugely beneficial in some cases, and to maintain a blog or not depends on your own enthusiasm for it, your customers, and what it is you do.

  2. Well, I would love all four, but the one I could use the most would be “B” or “D.” Thanks for offering this. Love the new blog!

  3. Sweet! I would pick “D”. I’m in total need of some new copy and help with pitches!

  4. Wow – this is a fantastic giveaway!! I’d definitely choose B – I tweak my website myself and add products etc but I’m not sure I’m doing it justice. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  5. I’d love to win the copywriting package or the website consultation. I just started an author’s website and would love to have some help with it!

    I love your before and after posts. The most recent one with the author is such an improvement. I just love it!

    • Thanks, Melissa! The Elizabeth Flock site is one of my favorites, too!

  6. Congrats on the awesome new blog! Love the giveaways too! Me? I’d go with A since my Facebook is, well, let’s just say it’s “lacking” :)

  7. I would go with B or D. I love all of your content already – it would be great to work with you!

  8. Thanks Arianne for all the super choices! Since I keep obsessing about my darn Logo I will pick A …. but, if I stop obsessing I would then pick C, B, D in that order. I love reading about the “before + after” , especially the processes that you go through and the final result. My question would be …. if you are not “in love” with your Logo, but have a strong brand with your clients …should you change the visual Logo? Tail wags ~moose

    • There are many ways to re-brand an established business. You could keep the facets of your look that are working well for you or start fresh but make sure your customers are informed of your new look. I like the idea of putting together a blog post with tips for doing just this – thanks for the idea!

  9. I’m so happy you’ve created a blog! And thanks for offering such a great giveaway! I would love to win a website consultation.

  10. hey there! Congrats for the new blog! I would like to win the Website Consultation and about what I’d love to have on here well I’d like to read articles of how to get notice on the net and marketing of your blog and shop , something like that haha. Thanks for this giveaway!
    much lovex


  11. Dear Aeolidia, congratulations on your new baby blog!! I’ve always been an Aeolidia fans since forever; and I am so excited to follow and read what your blog will bring! I look forward to read blog posts on Aeolidia’s website makeover story or marketing/web design tips for small online-business.

    Thank you for offering such fantastic giveaway! For Gifts Define, I think “Website Consultation” would be the best gift we dream of winning!! I started Gifts Define in 2006 with a simple website for us to showcase and sell our handmade goodness, we improved it along the way to keep our website interesting and user-friendly. But the more we grow in the business, we realize Gifts Define needs more than just a ” tweak” to flourish among other great websites in the world wide web. We need a solid direction from the expert — and there’s none other than Aeolidia to give Gifts Define the “mojo” to reach the next level! Thank you for the opportunity and I’ll keep in mind the word “winning”!

    • Thank you, Irma! I think we’ve got some good stuff coming up for you! :)

  12. Awesome. Can’t wait to follow the blog. Any (ABCD) would be great but for some reason copy always comes last on my to do list and this would be perfect.

    • Araya, your wooden bowls are so pretty!

  13. Hooray for a new blog design! I would love to win the copywriting package. I’m an emotional writer and I feel like the info on my pages are so wordy sometimes. Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Being concise is such a challenge!

  14. I love winning! I’d adore the Biz Consultation advice. As an (almost) newly-certified technical writer and blogger I’d really like some advice on starting up my own personal business.

    I’d love to see small biz tips, website and web design hacks/tips, grants and other help offered to small businesses, website inspiration features etc. I can come up with more… just ask.

    • Thanks, Shrie! Would love to talk to you more about the blog sometime.

  15. I’d be over joyed to win the Business Consultation. I’m starting my own graphic design business and learning day by day a little more about starting my own business. I’d love to hear more about logo and brand development on the blog. Keep up the good work!

  16. This is so wonderful!! I’d be in heaven with a website consultation. I love your posts with a few actionable tips, they’re awesome for getting some work done on my branding, site, etc. So happy you have a blog!

    • Great to hear, Brittany. we’ll try to keep things actionable around here! :)

  17. I’m so glad I stumbled upon this. As a new business there’s so many tips that my husband and I are trying to soak in. I’d say option B and then option A in that order and then C, then D fall in line of ranking afterwards. We have just finished our logo but haven’t launched it yet and our website has been getting slow upgrades as we learn the processes. Who knew starting a business came with all the extra tech features.

  18. I’d love the website consultation! I’ve done everything myself up to this point and it would be great to have a better, more experienced set of eyes.

    Thank you!

  19. Kathy Barlow says,

    I LOVE your blog birth announcement. How clever is that and oh so creative! I will look forward to reading your posts and am excited to use your knowledge and experience in helping me while I give birth to my new business. I would love to see information on blog creation – I’m in the process of designing mine. Would love to win B or D. Thanks!

  20. Hello Arianne, I would like to have A or D! Well, It will be good to have posts about the latest marketing tools or latest useful plugins or any other online apps, platforms etc.

  21. Hi There! Yayy for a new blog! I have to say I’ve dropped by your site multiple times because for some reason, far too often the sites I love the look of – always seem to be yours! :) If I were chosen as one of the lucky winners, I’d have to go with the copy writing – I never feel like mine is good enough. And if it doesn’t happen to be me, I’ll be re-reading Six Simple Ways to Refresh Your Site Without Redesigning, haha! Have a wonderful day – best of luck with the blog, I’ll be following along.

    • Thanks, Christa! Glad you keep stumbling upon us.

  22. I would love some help with c or d. I’d actually prefer working with A but I don’t quite have a logo worked up yet. Looking forward to discovering more about you and your work!

  23. hello. so many great choices … I’d have to decide between b – c – d … I would love to see information on affordable and successful marketing ideas for small web business. how to target the right customer and get them to our shop! we do well at local fairs but haven’t been able to get the online store going … so we know the customer is there…but how do we reach them? :) thanks for offering a great giveaway!

    • Gosh, Archna, your kids’ clothes are so sweet! It looks like you have a great product and just need to work on attracting people to your website.

  24. Congratulations Arianne, looking forward to spending early morning coffee with your new blog. I would love to win any of these but ‘b’ would be my first choice for sure. I have a site/shop, I know where stuff is, what it is and how to buy but never sure for visitors if it works or is ‘clear as mud’ LOL. A new set of eyes and professional advice would be soooo welcome.

    • Thanks, Brenda! Your shopping process looks pretty straightforward to me, so your job is just to get people to your site and then make purchasing feel irresistible to them! I might change “Enter” to “Home” or remove it altogether to let people click the top banner to go back home.

  25. I would choose the copywriting package because as an emotional writer sometimes (or most times) I need to focus on what I want my clients to know about myself, my product and, how this will impact the rest of the world; this will show that I am playing a bigger game for others and my business.


  26. First of all, mazal tov! As a self-proclaimed social media doula all digital births are speaking directly to my heart :-)
    I have been actively working with clients for almost a year now but I keep putting off my website cause copy writing is a nightmare for me (also, English is not my first language so the idea of writing an entire page makes me cringe), so I definitely have my eye set on option D!
    Again congrats! Can’t wait to read more

  27. I could definitely use Web and Business consulting for my small studio with a stationery line. I am excited to see what this blog has in store in the future. Would love to see tricks and tips on how to do some simple coding ourselves to update pages or any kind of workshops on product styling, photoshop etc.

    • Great ideas, Nic! I’d love to do a simple HTML and/or CSS tutorial for you guys.

  28. Hi there, just came across your blog though Noisette. I`m very excited to go through it and learn about what your services. I would love to win either of the last two, C & D.

  29. This blog is great. I am glad Renegade shared a link.

    If I win, I would prefer the business consultation.

    I enjoy the way you lay out your posts and provide details behind your logic. I would love to see a post of your take on wholesaling handmade items. When margins are tight and production time high it’s tough to figure out a good wholesale strategy that benefits the retailer and the maker. The case studies are great too! Thanks for doing what you do.

    • Thanks, Ryan! I am in love with your necklaces. Buffalo!

  30. I’d definitely pick the Business Consultation. Marketing is my weakest point and it’d be awesome to talk to someone about what needs to be done to help my business grow and be more stable than it is now. Any time I can talk to someone with insight into running a business is a great opportunity I’d jump at :)

    And the blog is wonderful – congrats!

    • Thanks, Stacey! Isa’s consultations have been so helpful for our clients, and it is indeed awesome to get her perspective, as she’s got such a wealth of knowledge.

  31. Hi Arianne, congratulations on the new blog!

    I’ve read many of your newsletters already and have found them very useful (and mostly they fill my head with so many ideas that I have to write a whole new to-do list :) so I’m happy to see them here all in one place on your new blog. I like your case studies so we get to have a peek behind the scenes of Aeolidia (one of my favorites is the design of the Lucky Lantern logo and I love the business make over you did for LoveLee Soaps) but I equally enjoy your more informative posts on running a business. I would love a step by step guide on how to use google analytics to your best advantage (starting at the very basic), so maybe that’s a thought for another blog post?

    I’m doubting between A and D if you would pick me as a winner. I’d probably go for D as I think that’s the part my business needs most help with at this point. I know that writing a good pitch could make a big difference for my business, but somehow I always keep postponing it. Some professional help would really “help” me out.

    Thanks for this wonderful opportunity from Team Aeolidia,
    Tania {Rocajo Studio}

    • Yes, Google Analytics! There is so much info there that it definitely gets overwhelming.

  32. Meredith Collie says,

    I’d be happy with either w website consult or the copy consult. Mostly because they are my weaknesses. Now off to read everything on the blog since the omhg post today was so awesome!

  33. Great selection of prizes, My choise would be option B.

    It would be great to see articles reviewing widgets and plugins for WordPress and other features that enhance websites. I’m also intersted in hearing your thoughts on tools, like the pros and cons of using WP over Tumblr and if it makes sense to use both.

  34. Site consultation for sure. I fear my blog is on the verge of a content melt down. So much to say and so much to do! I just read your post on site maps and I plan to spend the day giving it serious consideration. Excellent strategies with lovely visuals….what more can I ask for!

  35. I think if I were to win, I would choose B (or D?) – I love my little business and I have so very much to share, but I struggle with the way I share it. Website views are low and I don’t know what I am missing to bump my numbers up! I write a weekly blog, post to a photoblog and share my process with customers, but still, something is missing!

    Maybe I have overthought the entire thing? Maybe it is time to simplify? I designed and populated my website myself and I am realizing I am at the cusp of how far I can take it, alone. I could use some help!

    For websites – where do you get great images, clip art, and free fonts?

    HOW – do you upload custom fonts to your website so they can be seen on everyone’s computers, without having to make every piece of text an image with a custom font?

    • All wonderful questions, and they’re on my post ideas list for sure. Thanks, Lana!

      • Oh the list goes on!
        I have so many questions – often times, emailing the wordpress theme developer is good, they mostly reply but having a CSS & HTML guru to ask questions of would be super helpful.

        I hope you can do Q&A more often!

  36. It’s so great you are compiling all this information! I could spend two whole days reading all the info, but of course I can’t. Bummer.

    I would love to see a lot about branding, and the before and afters too. I have a question: when doing a branding makeover, would you recommend changing the name if necessary, or is that a big no-no? And if there was to be a change name, how do you make a smooth transition?

    If I won I would pick D because I’ve always known I really need help with my copywright and creating a good pitch that uses the right words would be a great help!!

    • Hi Soledad,

      Yes, there are certainly ways to re-brand your business and start using a new name. Always easier the earlier you do it in your business, of course! Making the transition would depend on how long you’ve been in business, how much of your business is from repeat customers, and other factors, such as if you have a brick and mortar shop, if you have many wholesale customers, etc.

      This would be a great question for a business consultation with Isa, as she could give you a more specific answer based on detailed info about your business!

  37. I think I would choose the Website consultation. I’ve been doing it all on my own, so I find your DIY posts super helpful, and the rebranding posts as well. I love my branding that I have done so far with my business cards, but am limited in extending it through the web because I am not super tech-savvy. I know my website could be better, and I am sure just reading through all of the posts would help. I also love looking at all the great sites you’ve worked on!

  38. Hmm… this is tough! I could definitely use B and C, but I think I would go for D! I’ve found that writing website copy is definitely a weakness for me. There’s a fine line between sounding witty and fun, and sounding a bit cheesy :)

  39. Awesome that you have started a blog. I follow on Facebook, but it is just not enough! I love reading information about branding, product packaging, promoting, marketing. DIY information as well as an extensive resource list (where to find services, promotional items, etc).

    • Thanks, Jamin! My quick advice to you on your website would be to get some product photos on the front page. Most visitors to any website will give a quick glance to the home page, then leave if they’re not suitably interested, and you want to show them right away what it is you create.

  40. Oh wow! I would choose:

    Website Consultation for your current site

    Because…I work in a demanding full time as well as running my small business. There is lots of potential for growth but I lack the time to spend on improving my site and I’m sure there are things that could do with some serious tweaking! Namely how information is presented, it’s all over the place.

    I found your site through one you designed for Hey Yo Yo – love your style! It looks like you’ve got a wonderftul, dedicated and talented team. Can’t wait to head to bed tonight and curl up with it like a good book.

    Would absolutely love this opportunity :)



  41. To being—a blog enters your life and fills a special place in your heart; a place you never knew was empty. May your new blog be blessed and cradled with love and joy forever more. Congratulations to you and yours!

    Moving on—I’m drawn to some combination of A and B, though “some combination” is not an option.

    A) My business does not have a social media presence—yikes! But, my personal posts are all over Facebook (not the boring kind, I promise). I have avid followers, I enjoy posting very much, but I can’t find a good reason to post professionally. Do I link my personal page to my website? The answer is likely NO. Do I create a Facebook page for my business? The answer is likely YES. I tried that, but never found my groove. Then there’s Twitter… yikes. Net/net: I have a lot of potential, but I’m a social media mess.

    B) My website is dying for a portfolio—but, where to start? What will it look like? How will it function? What will I highlight?

    So, there you have it… perhaps I’ve landed on A!

    Thank you for reading and considering me for your raffle. Best to you (new blog included). Simone

    • Hi Simone,

      It sounds like you have all the right answers to your questions, but just need to get rolling in the right direction. I find your website very intriguing, but a bit murky about what exactly you do, so a portfolio would be ideal. Thanks for the kind words!

      P.S. Love Heath Ceramics!

  42. Many congrats on the new blog – how pretty! Looks like it will have some instant following. :)

    Winning any of the prices would be absolutely fabulous but, as I don’t have a website, I would have to choose A! If I am that lucky to win it, I would ask you for some advice on my branding as although I am reasonably happy with my logo, I wouldn’t say that I am in love with it…

    Anyway, best of luck with the blog.

  43. I would love to win B my website is about a year old and would love to revamp it a bit. I would love to hear more about mobile designs for websites and how to even do that :D

  44. Always up for a giveaway! I’m happy you sent along an email of this blog because, well, I rarely use FB and twitter (should I choose “A” then?!)… But I could really benefit from B or D! Keep up the good work :)

  45. I am so glad that you have your own blog and that you have included your newsletters and articles published somewhere else because now I only have to check one place! A lot of your articles have been very relevant and of great help for me and all have been very interesting.
    My favourites are the case studies, befores and afters and “Six simple ways to refresh your site without redesigning.
    I would love to win the Social Media package. We are doing so well within the social media world and we are due for a refresh.

    Again, great that you have your own blog, looking forward to see new and inspiring content.

    • Thanks, Lizzet! Good to hear my articles have helped you.

  46. I found the site map article very interesting and helpful! I hope to be starting my own website off Etsy soon,so I would love to win choice B. Thanks!

  47. If I were to win, I THINK I’d choose the Website Consultation package. I’m not sure actually, they all seem nice! and as for blog post, If you just keep up with the type of info you had in your newsletter, then I think you’re already writing about the stuff I care about!!

    • Thanks for visiting, Jessee! So glad you’ve stuck with me all these years. :)

  48. Hey club Aeolidia – love the blog (you kids are always a fun visit … easy on the eye and a good reminder to keep on thinking about how to improve!). If we won a favor from Aeolidia, we’d pick B – we love the site Chris helped us put together, and just want to get more traffic through so we can share our wares! Good luck everybody (and hand in there East Coasters!!!) – Harv + Cath

  49. I love your work so much, been a fan for many years :) I am just about to launch an updated website and I would love feedback on what I can improve!

  50. Armanda says,

    I would definitely pick option C (business consultation). I have the idea for my business but am having trouble coming up with the perfect name. I enjoyed reading your article on “How to Choose a Great Business Name” found it very helpful on things to consider when choosing a name.

  51. I would choose b – I want to rework my blog, but am stumped. I would love to learn more little tricks to get and retain readers. Thanks!

  52. Love your blog, so glad I *found* it! I would love to win A or B! Now I am going to spend the day reading the rest of the posts on your page.

  53. Ooooh fun! And congrats on the new blog. Of the prizes, I’d use B or C. I’m always interested in information to make my website more appealing.

  54. Your designs are beautiful Congrats. I would love B but I wish I had a new site to work on so maybe D would be my true choice. Helping me get my artist statement done and press releases.
    Thank you for this opportunity.
    How fun

  55. What an awesome giveaway! While my business could benefit from each option I think option 2 would be the best for where things stand right now. Honestly, I would be totally thrilled with any of them though.
    I am currently struggling with a few things; the most difficult being how to run a small business with a very limited amount of time. Where do I best invest my time in building my business? Another issue is how to convey a lot of information to my customers in a succinct and effe give manner? Lastly, how much time do I devote to social media when time is so limited?

    • All great questions that we’d love to tackle, thanks!

      • You did a great website and adorable logo for me a few years ago. Not sure if you remember it, Kirsch Blossom, the logo with the cherry tree and Welsh Terrier under it. I loved you work so much and got so many compliments on that logo. I have moved on to a new business now and would love to work with you again!

        • Emily! Yes, of course I remember you. Hooray, thanks for sticking around so long!

  56. Web Consultation PLEASE!

  57. Oooh nice giveaway! I’d love to be entered for #4. Thanks!

  58. Oh sorry I did not read the full instructions so here’s a second part to my entry:

    I’d love to see a segment on how to best work with a web designer. I had a not so stellar experiencing working with one and now I am stuck with trying to figure out the current website on my own while waiting on a new designer to become available to develop a new one.


    • What a bummer, Grace! Let me know if we can help at all. Love your alphabet print!

  59. I would love (A)….this is a fun way to announce your new lovely blog.
    Enjoy your before & afters + your advice I get in my inbox.
    I get confused with all the social media…..I have found I love instagram + pinterest, hate twitter & have mediocre feelings for FB! ;) Hard to find a balance between so many of them oh, then there is tumblr plus a zillion more…….

    • Oh, me too! It’s certainly hard balancing them all, and wondering if you should even bother; I think most of us have our favorite platforms.

  60. Hi! I would love Option D Copywriting Package! I would choose one pitch letter! We just released some new collections and need some help spreading the word to press :)

  61. What a great giveaway! I would say I would have to choose “D” as I can always use help with writing. I’m planning on adding an ecommerce option to my current blog so I would love to read more about that in your upcoming posts! Been a long time fan of your work and always have fun browsing the portfolio of new websites!

  62. Hi Aeolidia,
    Great giveaway and congrats on the blog! I would choose option B, for website consultation even though I probably need all four! I need some advice on how to make my website more fun… like you’ve done with yours! Can’t quite figure out how to create more excitement on my pages.

  63. Hi Arianne – I am in love with the blog & all of your super helpful posts, tutorials etc.. I would be beyond thrilled to win “B” since I am pondering a redesign right now. If I could only ask you one thing… where do I begin on the redesign thoughts? Updated logo, slimmed down content, streamline my site/blog/Facebook.. it can get so overwhelming that I just sit on it and make no progress – thoughts? xxoo,

    • Thanks, Caroline! I think the best place to start on a redesign is to look at your products. What do you want to feature? What are people not interested in that you can phase out? Is everything going in a cohesive direction? Once you’ve streamlined the products you offer, the website design/reorganization may just fall into place!

  64. Thanks for the giveaway and congrats on the blog! I’d love to win a website consultation. As far as blog posts, I’d love to see design tips, process posts and behind the scenes info about developing brand image.

  65. I am so excited that you’ve launched a blog because I absolutely love your newsletters and get a lot of useful content from them! If I won the giveaway I would be torn between B and D because both would be great for me at this point in time :)

    My question is where can I find some great user friendly references for basic common codes? Every time I make small edits to my website and blog I spend a lot of time googling things like how to “add a line break” or “add space below image.” It would be great to have something on file to glance at to find the appropriate code.

  66. I would definitely choose the copywriting package, and not because of the highest value. I feel confident with my photography and branding, but only some of my writing. I’d like to keep it quirky and fun, but it needs some polishing. I don’t have time for the elbow grease required because of my busy (INSANE!) season that I’m approaching, so some help would be incredibly appreciated!

  67. Congrats on your Baby Blog! It’s so beautiful! :D
    I think I’d need help with A and C. I’m currently struggling with my hobby/business… and how to make it into full time. Thanks for this great giveaway!

  68. Awesome! Thanks for the giveaway! If I were to win I would choose option B. I am in the process of building an online shop and I absolutely loved your posts (her and on Oh My Handmade) about site organization and simplifying. It helped wonders in narrowing down some of my expected content!

  69. Raeanne McAteer says,

    Wow. I’m so glad I saw this. I just found your website today and I’m so glad I ended up here. It’s so hard to pick between A and B, but I’m going to go with A because I’m dipping my big toe in and need all the help I can get. Any tips you can provide on simplifying and beautifying content is greatly appreciated. Congratulations on the blog. I’m excited to peak around.

  70. Gina says,

    This is such a fabulous giveaway, I’m so glad I saw your tweet! The blog is wonderful of course, a complete extension of your talent. I completely realize (for awhile now) that I need a site overhaul. It can become so overwhelming when you know how to do certain things but get stopped in your tracks with a mental block. For me, that’s organizing the content & layout so option B would be the ultimate win! I find it difficult to condense everything I offer into a streamlined navigation where something wouldn’t get overlooked. It’s not like I don’t know things need to be changed but boy is it difficult when you get stumped!

  71. Hi Arianne ! It has been awhile. It is hard to choose because I would love a website consultation, I am dreaming of a new site. Also the copywriting is great too, I am an visual artist, and do not have the way with words. I am always busy pitching to the press and would love to have help with that !

  72. Thatnks for teh opprtunity to win! It’s the giveaway of the year : )
    I started my blog and website this year to follow my lifelong dream of having an indie biz selling my handmade wares. My online shop will be opening in the next few weeks. I’ve read so much information that I just don’t know what to do next! I designed my website using Weebly but may change that in future by having a custom template created. My facebook page has been active for a few weeks and I’m working hard to post regularly across all social media. I have my first ever handmade market stall in early December so I would love option D because I’d love to have a press release to announce my launch and send it to my favourite bloggers.

    • Sounds like you’re working hard – keep it up!

  73. I’m quite positive I need a website consultation so I’d pick that of I won. I’m not the best at selling myself as an artist and would like to hear more about building a fan base and keeping conected to them, thanks for the chance !

  74. Well, I’m already signed up to get a new website (I can’t wait!), but please count me in for the social media (or copywriting) giveaway!

  75. I would choose (and be SO THRILLED TO WIN) option B. I think you ladies have a great point of view and lots of experience, and I trust your unbiased opinion on my/your/our website.

    I love reading your biz before and after articles (were those newsletters maybe?) I find those really inspirational and enjoyable. I also like some of the tips and how-to types of things that I know I’ve read from you in the past. So hopefully we will be seeing some more of those posts. Oh, I always look forward to your portfolio updates because the new work is so fun to see – and I also like that it introduces me to interesting businesses that I didn’t know about before.

    It’s my birthday and all I got for it was a lousy toothache, so maybe the gods of luck will take pity on me and I will WIN one of the awesome prizes (ha ha, or if I do actually win, you all might decide to draw another name because I’m such a pain!)

    • Thanks, Christy! You’re no pain, and we’d be super happy to help you with whatever you come up with. :)

  76. I’d love to win package A. I’m having issues with creating banners for blog/Facebook/website that include my logo but also other info but still in a clear and appealing way. Arhhhh driving me crazy!!!

  77. I am so glad that I had the time to read your newsletter, Arianne, this blog is spectacular! I am definitely going to follow you in the future.
    Being a solopreneur, like many others, I face a situation in which creating my own website becomes mandatory. Not because of the money but because I know what I want – and the webdesigners often don’t understand because they don’t have the knowledge of the wedding market like I do.
    I’d love to win the D solution. I am currently redoing my wedditalia website and therefore I would be thrilled to win such an awesome prize. I surely could need it…
    Keep up the great work – I’ve already subscribed to your blog, so that I can follow you from now on!

    • Thanks so much! We are pretty amazing at being able to translate your ideas and plans into a beautiful website, so please give us a holler if you would like some help (and more time to do your real work!).

  78. I’m a “D” gal myself, the rest is taking care of itself but a pitch and some copywriting – THAT I could use!

  79. Congrats on you new blog Arianna!!! looking forward to checking out the great content!!! Gotta say cutelittlething would love, love, love some Aeolidia resourcefulness with regard to my blog pitches.

  80. Wow! What a generous giveaway! I could really use a website consultation! I would just love to see more posts about the work that you’re doing, because it’s always a refreshing inspiration. It might be fun to hear about different decisions: like, why this layout, or why these colors, or what’s the story behind the choices?

  81. Love the giveaway and congratulations on your new blog. I would most likely choose “B”. I think I need some more help with my website. I really want to steer away from using my Etsy shop so that I can have a more professional looking shop.

  82. Congrats on your blog, Arianne! Would love to win B, the website consultation. I know you could make the site better!

  83. Way to go Arianne! You are growing and accomplishing so much. C or D. I’d love to see more posts about using social media for small businesses and strategies to keep it current and keep up with all the chatter—I really got a lot out of your FB post. I’d also love for you cover site analytics.

  84. We have our winners! Congrats to Brittany and Kara – I’ll be emailing you personally. Thanks for helping out, everyone, and please don’t feel like you need to stop asking us questions on this post!

  85. Sorry that I missed the giveaway but glad to have found your site through OMHG! Love your work, it’s so refreshing! I’m a graphic designer and have been looking for a WordPress-expert who can bring websites to life. Do you ever work from designs that clients created? For my ask a web designer I wanted to ask if you have suggestions on how to make a shop (mine is more of a lifestyle brand that people want to revisit, support and comment on the blog without detracting from the products and sales aspect? Inspired by your blog, thank you!

    • Hi Julene,

      Yes, we do develop sites that our clients have designed – please don’t hesitate to email us about that from our Contact page. Very good question about balancing the shop and community aspects, and I’ll see if we can come up with something on this topic in the future.

    • Sorry, Shayna – I made a new post, but forgot to update the original post. I’ll do that now! Still learning how to do this blog thing properly! :)

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