Interview With Arianne Foulks of Aeolidia

An interview with me about our origins, illustrators, clients, and process.

This month I am excited to offer readers an interview with monthly contributor, Arianne Foulks of Aeolidia, a successful design company known for its uniquely artistic and beautiful designs. In this interview Arianne gives readers an inside look at handmade design, the Aeolidia team and their design process.

1. Can you please share a bit about the beginnings of Aeolidia and how the Aeolidia team came together?

I started creating websites for myself and friends just for fun when I was in college (in 1997 – and yes, I had a Geocities page!). I kept up this hobby, slowly starting to charge a bit for my work, until I was laid off from my customer support / project management job and found myself with time to really work on my skills and take on more projects.

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