Instagram Social Media Analysis

Instagram Social Media Analysis Aeolidia

Engage with Customers on Social Media to Build a Dedicated Following

You don’t just want followers on social media. You want engaged and loyal followers who turn into repeat customers.

If you’ve been posting on Instagram without an overall strategy, you probably aren’t yielding the returns you could be. Bring in our expert help to set your Instagram efforts sailing on the right path.

Our philosophy

Our social media strategy is centered around three core beliefs:

  1. Engagement with your audience is crucial. Social media is a two-way-street and customers are looking to have conversations with brands.
  2. Social media is a key opportunity for telling your unique story. We help you distill your experiences and uniqueness into bite-sized digital gems.
  3. Social media shouldn’t be all-consuming. It’s a tool for helping your business thrive, not an 8-hour-a-day job. Our social media strategies are time-efficient and fit into your busy workday.

As an independent business, you’re uniquely positioned to create genuine connections with your audience and shine a light on the captivating story that brought your business to where it is today. With a little strategy, you’ll be able to harness your unique advantages and stand out from the crowd!

How It Works

Stacey, our social media analyst, will conduct an audit of your Instagram feed to identify your strengths, areas that need improvement and suggestions for a thriving engagement. This audit, combined with additional information about your business, your audience and your goals, allows Stacey to create a customized social media strategy that’s both practical to implement and effective in growing your Instagram presence.

The scope of work includes a one-month example content calendar along with engagement strategy, but the content, posting, and engagement will be done by you.

After our work, you’ll:

  • Have a library of content ideas and know-how to create interesting and story-focused content
  • Know how often to post and be able to do so in a time-efficient manner
  • Have insight into the workings of ‘the algorithm’, and have an action plan that’s centered on genuine interaction with your audience, not gaming the system
  • Find a renewed focus on having conversations with prospective and current customers, with the feeling that interacting on social media is a natural extension of how you engage with customers in real-life
  • Feel confident utilizing software that makes posting easier
  • Have a list of effective hashtags for your business, and feel confident using them effectively

The days of Instagram being a time-sink are over. It’s time for you to utilize this powerful tool for your business success!

Delivered to you:

  • A 1-hour phone call consult, that outlines best practices, tailored to your business and time constraints, with opportunity for discussion.
  • A summary report that includes:
    • Hashtag research
    • A one-month content and engagement calendar
    • A list of topics for content creation
    • Our software recommendations for efficient posting (our favorite app is free!)

If you want to stop aimlessly scrolling, and make Instagram effectively work for your business, this service is for you!

Include This in Your Shopify Redesign

We can include this service along with a Shopify design project, a logo design project, or as a first step, pre-project, if you’d like to dip your toes in the water before committing to a larger project with us.

If we’re not already talking about a project with you, let’s start! You can tell us more about your business and request our rate sheet here:

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