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Meet These Inspiring Creative Businesses That Are Aiming High

by Arianne Foulks

May 11, 2016

We are continually inspired by the businesses we work with. We love to see their unique products, share in their excitement, and work together with them to take practical steps to reach their current objectives and long term goals.

We will write about these products in more detail in the upcoming weeks, but for now, I wanted to give you the rundown of what work we’ve just finished and what we’re beginning now.

Aeolidia project launches

Aeolidia’s project block 2 just ended and we’re moving to block 3. Some of our logo clients from block 2 are having a website built, and the others are new to us this block. I’d like to show off the inspiring brands that are ready to put their plans into action and achieve their goals now! Here are the projects we’ve recently completed:

Blaze + Wander


Project: Brand Identity and Customer Experience Design, business name brainstorming, Shopify setup

View this project in our portfolio »

Sarah Yasukochi is starting a boho boutique of thoughtfully curated styles and uniquely handcrafted clothing and accessories made especially for kids. She wants to inspire her customers to buy one of a kind products, follow artisan stories, and support projects for social good.

Sarah is a great example of a prepared business person. Though this particular project is new, she has close to 20 years of branding and marketing experience under her belt and has owned a small franchise business in the past. She quickly discovered the unique challenges of starting a business from scratch and came to Aeolidia to ensure she had a solid branding strategy in place before revealing it to potential customers.

The business name, brand, and simple Shopify theme will allow Sarah to go out there and make a name for Blaze + Wander. Once she sees success, it will make sense for her to work on a custom website design with us, and we will be glad to jump back in at that point.

Beloved Paper


Project: Business Brand Identity Designmarketing consultation

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Beloved Paper is owned and run by Sarah Coats, selling wedding invitations and personalized watercolor maps, as well as art/quote prints as well. Sarah told us:

My passion as an individual and business is to celebrate life and the blessings that come our way, and to turn those blessing around and use them to love others. Although, I am honestly having a hard time conveying that in my business along with my artwork/designs without seeming like two separate businesses.

I would like people to see my logo and see a luxury and established brand; not necessarily shine and bling but be comfortable with entrusting me with their wedding stationery. I would like to eventually create a wedding stationery catalog so the branding needs to be professional enough for stores to pick up.

Christine designed a logo to meet Sarah’s goals, and then Sarah worked closely with Jena, our marketing consultant, on perfecting a pitch that is going to get press for her business. We can’t wait to see Sarah’s work all over the most popular wedding publications soon!

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See Beloved Paper in our portfolio

Handcrafted HoneyBee

Handcrafted HoneyBee - brand identity design for a skin care company

Project: Brand Identity and Product Presentation Designcopywriting, styled product photography. The custom Shopify website is coming in block 3!

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Can a DIY skin care kit empower girls to become leaders, scientists, and entrepreneurs? Stacia and Robert Guzzo believe passionately that it can, and it has been a joy to work with them to completely rebrand their company from the ground up. They shared with us:

Mission: At Handcrafted Honey Bee, we build bridges between creative expression and scientific exploration through hands-on, innovative & playful adventures in skin care.

Vision: We strive to foster the next generation of young women to be leaders and influencers that can think both creatively and analytically to solve problems in the world.

We completed the brand in block one, designed the website in block two, and will be able to unveil the entire online experience for Handcrafted HoneyBee at the end of block three.

I am so fascinated by the trajectory Stacia and Robert Guzzo are on with their business! They just totally “get it” – they understand their brand, they understand when and what to invest in, and they put in the work a business needs to do to take their ideas from thought to successful reality. I honestly don’t see how they could fail with the foundation they’ve built.

Stacia and Robert took the new design and packaging that we’ve created for them and run with it! Before we even finished the project, the dauntless duo walked Toy Fair to research, networked, allied their business with a specialty toy association, and have already had toy stores contacting them due to their own outreach efforts. We are so excited to see where they take this!

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Sticky Hugs

The Sticky Hugs logo is a happy octopus, ready to hug you

Project: Business Brand Identity Designcopywriting

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We got all the way into product design with this project, designing the logo and brand identity, and then illustrating a huge set of icons to be featured on the stickers that Jacqueline Bak is selling. She told us:

We sell personalized waterproof stickers or name labels that adhere to clothing, backpacks, lunch bags, sneakers, baby bottles, sports gear and just about anything else cloth, plastic or other materials.

Our labels are washable, eco-friendly, cute, fun, stylish and available in combinations of colors, designs and fonts. Our durable labels will help customers avoid their children’s things getting lost, mixed up and leaving home never to return.

How the labels look is a critical part of our company strategy. Our labels are classic, simple, stylish, modern, cute, and fun. The labels are much more stylish and modern than what is available out there in the market.

It’s great to be able to get in at the start of a project with a client, making sure the logo, products, and packaging are all in tune and targeted toward the right customer. We’re looking forward to seeing what Jacqueline does with her new business!

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June Ruby


Project: Custom Shopify websitecopywritingmarketing consultation

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June Ruby is a women’s apparel business, with an online store as well as a brick and mortar in Colorado (with a goal to open more). They cater to busy women who may not have the time or desire to shop but care about how they look and being fashionable. Michelle Rotter, proprietor, told us:

We launched in 2010 but didn’t focus much on it until we opened the brick and mortar in July 2015. We need to encourage more browsing while on the site as well as a better way to sort through products – by brand, price, color. Overall, we need a site that positions us as a national brand not a small boutique.

We would like to double our sales over the next year and the majority of the growth will likely need to come from our online business. In addition to a new site, we are also investing more in inventory, photography, and social media efforts to grow the business.

We took their existing logo and redesigned their Shopify site based on their objectives. To make sure we gave them a great start in building their business and doubling sales, we worked on some copywriting for their site, and an in-depth marketing consultation about customer rewards, promotions, personal shopping, and blogging. They are off to a good start revitalizing their web presence.

Flutterbye Prints

Flutterbye fingerprints

Project: Custom Shopify website, styled product photographycopywriting

View this project in our portfolio »

Amie Jones started out selling note cards geared toward teachers, and branched out with customizable artwork created using fingerprints. When we asked her about her business challenges, she told us:

My main frustration with selling on Etsy is that I need more flexibility. My customers are shopping at my shop because they want to control the color, the font, the size, the text, everything. I spend way too much of my time answering emails about details that I know would be more readily apparent if they didn’t have to read through the product description.

I really don’t like the disorganized feel of my shop. In order to get seen on Etsy, I have lots of listings of the same exact thing. This confuses shoppers who aren’t familiar with Etsy. To be honest, I really want to move off of Etsy. I got spooked last fall when something was amiss and my sales tanked, virtually disappeared. I need more control of my shop and my future. However, I feel like I’m kind of looking into the internet abyss when it comes to promoting a website off of Etsy. It’s totally new for me and kinda scary.

It was a delight to be able to set up a custom shopping experience for Amie’s customers, and she’s now set up to be able to boost her sales and build her brand.

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See Flutterbye Prints in our portfolio

Hip Hip Yay

Hip Hip Yay brand identity design

Project: Brand Identity and Product Presentation Designcustom Shopify websitecopywriting

View this project in our portfolio »

Charlotte Callaghan runs an online boutique party store in Australia, with a cute selection of party goods sourced from around the world. She came to us wanting a strong logo that won’t seem dated after a short amount of time. She asked to pair the logo project with a new custom Shopify website that caters to her ideal customer. She told us she would like to see a large increase in pageviews, email signups, and sales.

Charlotte came up with a new name for her company, and we designed a fun logo that is perfect for celebrations. We’re hard at work now on her new site, and getting prepared for a full relaunch.


Wishbird logo

Project: Brand Identity and Product Presentation Design, product and packaging design

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Christine Burns had an idea and direction for her business, but was having a hard time getting it off the ground. Two designers later, she ended up in her inbox, and we were able to create a brand identity for Wishbird that will help her fledgling business take flight.

Christine told us:

I need a complete redo that includes logo, brand identity and packaging. I want people to feel special and cared for when they get a Wishbird box. I do like my previous logo but the designer dropped the ball on the complete package and I heard from other customers of hers that the same happened to them. I’m just ready for a fresh start and for something to be seen thru to completion. I want my boxes to have a modern thoughtful feel that is both simple and smart. I want it to look and feel… expensive it isn’t the right word but maybe tasteful and higher end.

Aeolidia to the rescue! We helped Christine define her target customer and then used that information to hone in on a logo and brand that would appeal to them and draw their eye to her product in the shops. From there, Christine on our team began designing the look of the product and box that they come in. That work will be completed in block 3.

Fox + Clover

trendy feminine business card design

Project: Brand Identity and Product Presentation Design

View this project in our portfolio »

Tara Dowling creates and designs gift products that are fun, friendly, a little bit cheeky and pretty girlie. She came to us to finally settle on a brand identity for her business.

My project goal is to completely rebrand my business and have branding/packaging that will be well received by customers and retailers. Right now, my wholesale orders are fairly unbranded because I’ve been struggling with packaging design. I want to keep what is good and expand on that. I would like to new branding to be something I’m really excited to share with others.

Tara’s claim to Aeolidia fame is proving that our sharpened system is really working – this project finished one month early! Her project was meant to take two months, and we breezed through in half the time. Being focused on her customers and objectives instead of her preferences and feelings made our process laser focused, and we didn’t have to bother with unnecessary revisions or explorations. Bam!

Tara is ready to take on the world now, and we’ll be glad to warm up our trackpads again when she’s ready for a custom website experience for her shoppers.

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Aeolidia’s new projects

Looking forward to block 3, I’m thrilled to introduce you to these inspiring businesses. See where they’re at now, and check back with us in a couple of months to see their transformations!

Pango Productions

Client: Cindy Pang
Project: Custom Shopify website design

View this project in our portfolio »

We have been publishing greeting cards for many years here in London and are in need of a website which gives a more cohesive feel of the catalogue of work we do. Currently, it is old and just cobbled together and does not really reflect the fun nature of the actual product.

One of the main functions it needs is a trade only wholesale area with login where orders can be placed by our numerous stockists.

Sushi & Queso

Client: Katy Sensenig Schilthuis
Project: Renaming, Brand Identity and Product Presentation Design
Read about this project on our blog

Sushi & Queso Designs is a Paper Goods and Home Goods store that currently offers greeting cards, art prints and coffee mugs. I’m in the process of refreshing my entire line at the moment – but want the new vibe to be colorful, feminine, and quirky.

I want those who see my new branding to feel joy – my ultimate goal in creating my work is to make people smile and laugh, and have fun. It’s supposed to brighten up someone’s day – and brighten up their walls/home. I’d love to be sold in stores like Urban Outfitters, Paper Source, and Anthropologie.

JillianMaddie Paperie

Client: Holly Hutton
Project: Brand Identity and Customer Experience Design

View this project in our portfolio »

I am starting a paper, packaging and party supply business. I have always had an obsession or love affair with beautiful wrappings, printed papers, and all things party related! I started out crafting and making cards, but felt I wanted to expand into selling amazing products and craft.

I don’t have a website right now because I feel I haven’t found any web designers that will be able to portray myself and my product in the way that I want. We will be retail ecommerce store for now. I would love to have a brick and mortar in the next 2-3 years.

Miss Rose Sister Violet

Client: Yasmin Kerkez
Project: Custom Shopify website, copywriting, marketing consultation

View this project in our portfolio »

We are an Australian family owned business, consisting of my parents and my older sister. The four of us design and manufacture giftware, children’s clothing and accessories and women’s clothing and accessories. We also design and manufacture a vintage inspired sewing and craft range, with beautiful velvet millinery flowers.

Our next important step is to create a fantastic website. We are serious about taking the next step and growing from a small family business towards a branded company. And we would love your help. We operate mostly as a wholesale company and sell our product to stores nationwide. But we would also like to grow our online retail sales. Our aim is to create a website that has both retail and wholesale options for our customer, with also access to an online wholesale catalog for customers to order from.


Client: Neesha Merani
Project: Brand Identity and Product Presentation Design, Custom Shopify design

View this project in our portfolio »

I started my small biz through Shopify, and I’m not sure where on the design, marketing, identity spectrum I fall. I know I’ve pretty much gotten as far as I can on my own and now I really need help with some of the more tech-y issues, and also taking my biz to the next level. For example I’d like customizable products and also the option to offer workshops and a section that is just for licensing and wholesale. I want to re-brand and re-design the website. I’d like to get the e-commerce side up and running smoothly and its needs a clear brand identity voice throughout the images and copy… Even though I have a design/art background I’m still swamped trying to do everything to run my biz. I’m finding that I have less and less time to actually focus on the creative parts, like designing and creating the products and I’m spending way too much time on the building of the website. It’s very overwhelming. I’d love to hand off parts of this so I can focus on my art & illustrations more ! 🙂

Sunshine Parties

Client: Louise Sanders
Project: Custom Shopify site, copywriting

View this project in our portfolio »

I’m at that point now though where I know I need to create my own online shop (still keep Etsy) and have more control over my brand. I’m aware you guys create custom shopify themes. I’m at a crossroad at the moment where I could purchase a Shopify theme, then battle my way through trying to customize it, then bash my head on the keyboard trying to make sure my domain points to Shopify correctly then cry trying to make sure my blog posts have been imported properly with the existing URLS…..I might go a liiiiiiitle crazzzzzzy….or I could use your team of geniuses!!

Emily McDowell Studio

Client: Emily McDowell
Project: Custom Shopify website

View this project in our portfolio »

We could not be more proud to work with Emily and her team again to freshen things up on their website after their recent announcement about partnering with The Madison Park Group on their wholesale portion of the business:

Working with Madison Park Group will give me the opportunity to create WAY more stuff, and also do things like writing, working with charities, speaking, and focusing on making our retail website awesome!

Do any of these motivated people sound like you?

Your small but fast growing business is perfectly poised to make a big splash in online retail, and that’s exactly where Aeolidia loves to meet you. We are highly-ranked official Shopify Experts, with a history of exceeding expectations. Our work is strategic, completely custom, and entirely goals-based. We like to get involved when we know our work can be transformative and cause exponential growth.

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Ready? If you’re ready to move forward with your business, and to invest in some outside help, we would love to be your team. Please contact us if you’re interested in telling us more about your retail goals and objectives so we can put together a custom proposal for you.

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