How-To: Customizing Your PayPal Payment Page

How to Customize PayPal

PayPal allows you to customize their checkout a bit by adding a header banner, changing some colors, and adding a small logo icon. Here’s how!

The PayPal page is secure, so your logo needs to be on an https:// site as well, or it will give security errors to your customers.

You can either get your own SSL certificate, and secure your logo that way (and use it to protect your checkout and give your customers an extra bit of assurance – and then you’ll have it for the future, if you decide to accept credit cards directly from your page), or you can go temporarily with a third-party service, such as Secure Pixels.

Secure Pixels charges $4.95 per year. Purchasing your own secure certificate costs $65ish per year ($50 for the hosting setup, $15 for the certificate, depending on your host and SSL provider).

Once you have your logo at a SSL-protected URL starting with https://, you can get to work:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account
  2. Go to the My Account tab at top
  3. Click “profile”
  4. Click “My Selling Tools” on the left
  5. Find “Custom payment pages” and click the update button next to it
  6. Click the “add” button to make your new style
  7. Choose a name for your page (“Page Style Name”)
  8. Logo Image URL: The full https:// URL to your graphic on your website (up to 190×60)
  9. Cart Area Gradient Color: This displays behind your tiny logo (enter a hex code *)
  10. Header Image: The full https:// URL to your graphic on your website (750×90)
  11. Header Background Color: This goes behind your graphic and only shows if your graphic isn’t wide enough (enter a hex code *)
  12. Header Border Color: A 2 pixel border around your header (enter a hex code *)
  13. Background Color: Background of the entire page (enter a hex code *)
  14. You can preview the style if you’d like, or hit the Save button – you’re done!

Make this your default style on the main Custom Payment Page Styles page by clicking the radio button next to it and clicking the “Make Primary” button.

I almost always leave the background color, border color, and header background color white, because I think the way the page is laid out looks awkward with a background color (and you can make your own border of any kind on the header graphic), but you can judge for yourself with my examples below!

Classic checkout

Classic checkout, white background

Classic checkout

Classic checkout, colored background

Enhanced checkout

Enhanced checkout, showing gradient color

* Your graphics program should allow you to find the hex code for any color. For instance, in Photoshop, the Color Picker tool displays hex code next to a pound sign (#) under the RGB info.

Note: these instructions are accurate as of the post date, but we can’t guarantee PayPal won’t change things up a bit in the future!