Google Analytics Setup & Analysis for Shopify

Google Analytics integration with Shopify

Adjust Your Site & Marketing to Make More Money

Helen, our Google Analytics-certified web analyst, will analyze your website data to identify segments that are performing well, areas in need of improvement, and opportunities for growth.

After our work, you’ll be able to identify:

  • The top tasks to improve the performance of your site
  • Snags for customers that prevent them from checking out
  • Your most engaged audiences, and your most engaging content
  • Your highest value customers to target
  • Your most effective marketing channels
  • Results for ecommerce goals

What we do:

We will integrate Google Analytics with Shopify, following best practices for optimal setup. This is more than just adding your Google ID to Shopify! We will set up solid, clean, and accurate web analytics to make it easy to gain insight and make data-driven goal-oriented decisions.

Tasks will include:

  • An audit of your Google Analytics settings, fixing common errors
  • Filtering out bad data such as inaccurate referrals, spam, and bots
  • Enabling tracking for:
    • Demographics
    • On-site search
    • Organic search queries
    • Ecommerce conversions
    • Product sales
  • In-depth analysis of your stats so you can make educated decisions for growth

Delivered to you:

  • A custom report with actionable insights based on your key performance indicators, such as conversion rate, revenue, and average order value, viewed through different audience, traffic, and content groups (segments).
  • A 1-hour phone call with screen share review of the report and chance to ask questions.


If you want to be able to confidently pinpoint where to focus your efforts to boost online sales, this service is for you!

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