Giveaway: Free Website Checkup

Traffic Analysis Giveaway

Hey there! I sent out an email to the Shipshape Collective members and found a real problem we can solve for you! We offered 3 prizes in the email, but I’d like to open up the offer and give away one more website checkup. Here’s what you need to know:

Oh my gosh! I know it’s been a big year for you, and your business is hopping, leaping, hopefully BOUNDING to new heights. If so, I have something special to offer you today.

Now that your business is actually working, I want to get in there with you to fine tune your brand (if needed) and website.

There is no such thing as “good enough” for a website. Your customers have so many shopping options that your website needs to be carefully crafted to make instant sense to them, entice them in, and get them excitedly digging out their wallet.

That’s what I want for you. Shall we make it happen? Schedule a call with us right away if you’re interested in working on your website or brand design with us in 2018. That way, we can figure out how we can best make an impact for your business, and when to schedule the project.

I know it’s hard to start anything new during the holiday season, so in appreciation for your intrepidness, I have a never-before-seen deal for you today.

One lucky winner who schedules a call with Sam, our friendly Accounts Manager, to chat about their 2018 goals gets a FREE website checkup (over $500 value). This is something we do for all Aeolidia clients after six months have passed. We analyze their traffic and make suggestions for adjustments to their website and their marketing strategy for improvement.

Let Sam know you want the free checkup, and we will take a look at your stats and share our strategy, completely free of charge or obligation. Though this does make a great first step to a website redesign! You will need to have Google Analytics set up for your shop (preferably with ecommerce goals active) for this to be useful. Checkups will be completed in the first quarter of 2018.

Schedule a call with Sam here:

Schedule a Call With Sam

Anyone who schedules a call before midnight on Friday, December 8th, is eligible to be chosen as the random winner of this prize. The call itself can be scheduled any time in December or January.