A Friendly and Organized Redesign: Shiny Happy World

We first met Wendi Gratz, owner of Shiny Happy World, when she won our Best Next Step giveaway and received our input on what to focus on next. Wendi is a self-taught sewist on a mission to help beginners make their crafty dreams reality by offering a plethora of video tutorials, patterns, and sewing supplies on her site.

In fact, she’s such an avid DIYer that she’d previously done all her website work herself, starting with a Blogger site, moving to the Wordpress platform, then adding a members-only platform and more. In less than four years her business and product line had grown so much that load times and user-friendliness on her site were beginning to suffer.

“I’m starting to worry that the whole thing feels cobbled together. I know it feels that way on the back end, but I worry that it feels that way on the front too,” she told us.

shinyhappyworld logo by aeolidia

There were a lot of factors to consider in terms of the site’s functionality: hundreds of tutorials in different categories, hundreds of free patterns (some accessible to members only), pattern series customers can subscribe to, and a daily blog. All this information needed to be managed and organized to showcase what Shiny Happy World has to offer and help customers find what they’re looking for.

For Wendi’s Next Best Step, our advice was 3-fold: build a stronger mailing list by making the newsletter sign-up more accessible and value-oriented, find meaningful ways to guest post that’ll drive traffic back to your site, and invest in a professional website redesign when there’s room in your budget.

shiny-happy-world-home page design by Aeolidia

We were thrilled when Wendi came to us to design and develop her new site. With a focus on a clean, fresh, and friendly look that would be consistent with Shiny Happy World’s branding (including illustrative details and bold pops of color) Christine came up with a new concept that featured: a new, decluttered header; easier-to-find search, account login, shopping cart and wish list functionalities; and a brand new navigation system that clearly distinguishes between free content and products in the shop.

The new design also made Wendi’s main offerings immediately clear to site visitors so that they knew right away what the store has to offer: 1) to shop 2) to learn 3) to join the mailing list, which is one of Wendi’s main business drivers.


Wendi was so happy with the design, her first thoughts were,

“I clicked on that link and there was my dream website.”

With the look and feel of the site approved, Zoe, our developer, began working on the logistics of each visitor’s shopping experience, which would be improved with things like a wishlist, suggested items that help shoppers find supplies and other items related to their purchase, and new ways to shop, like by category and by skill level, on the shop’s landing page.


“Once again you’ve totally nailed it – such a fun and inviting shop home page,” Wendi said.

The new site not only looks more inviting, but it creates an environment and experience where customers find what they’re looking for, and much, much more.


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