Frequently Asked Questions

Maybe you have these questions, too? Let our Shopify experts clear things up!

What types of businesses does Aeolidia work with?

Our clients tend to have a hand in designing their own products, or they sell products by other independent designers. They usually fall into one or more of three categories: product designers, brick and mortar store owners, and/or online shop owners.

Our area of expertise is with creative businesses at the tipping point where they need a push beyond their DIY efforts to where they can make much stronger sales numbers. You’re in the right place if you have a great product and a growing customer base, but feel held back from reaching the next step for your business.

Where is Aeolidia’s team located?

Our team is spread across the United States, Canada, and Australia. We do not outsource any part of your project to outside developers or agencies.

We work remotely with each client, with much of our communication with you happening in Basecamp, our online project management tool. We will meet regularly about your project in internal Zoom and Slack meetings. When the personal touch is called for, we use video or phone conferencing tools to put you face to face with your team.

What are Aeolidia’s credentials?

We have been approved Shopify Experts since 2013, and we have worked on hundreds of projects for shop owners like you. See client testimonials in our portfolio, read case studies on our blog, and view the Shopify Experts reviews and Clutch interviews that we’re unable to edit. Email our clients directly to get the inside scoop – they are a wonderful bunch!

How does logo design work?

We have three logo packages that we offer to be sure we’re providing exactly what each business needs. All of our logo packages begin with a solid foundational identity system, then diverge depending on what your unique business needs. We are flexible about the print and marketing materials we deliver, and offer guidance based on whether your focus is on selling wholesale, using ecommerce, or in your own brick and mortar shop.

Your identity designer will take the time to uncover everything that makes your brand unique. She will design a logo, and then expand your brand design to include the details that tell the whole story: a color scheme, selection of fonts, patterns, icons, and other graphics. View our portfolio of logo and brand design projects, and learn why we hone in on just one logo design concept to present to you.

How does web design work?

Our web design process puts the emphasis on your business’s goals and individual needs. We ensure that all the content you need is accounted for and is of high quality. Your team will include a project coordinator, web designer, web developer, stats analyst and web strategist, and a quality assurance professional. You are also likely to have a copywriter, marketing consultant, product photographer, and/or SEO team working with you.

We begin each project with a phase of content creation and collection, to be sure that we are designing around your real photography and wording. We then move on to an intensive strategy meeting, where we settle on an overarching strategy and feature list, as well as pin down your navigation hierarchy, and make decisions about how best to tell your story and lead your visitors through the path of becoming a customer.

Once this strategy is approved by you, our designer then creates wireframes to show the planned layout and purchase flow of your website. On your approval of these, design begins, beginning with the home page. Depending on your visitor stats, we may show you the desktop or the mobile design first, then adapt it to different screen sizes.

Our revisions process allows you to offer feedback to be sure that the design will help you meet your goals and will work well for your target customer.

During development, you may be adding or adjusting all of your website content. This is usually the time when we walk you through how your site is going to work, and how you will maintain and update it. You will be working in tandem with your developer to get everything ready for launch.

Near the end of the project, your developer will test the site thoroughly, then pass it on to our in-house tester to do cross-browser testing. We make sure each page of the site works as expected on different screen sizes and on different devices. Your part during this process is to use the site as a customer would, and let us know if you see anything that may need adjusting.

Then it’s time to launch! The process for this differs depending on if you already had a website and where it was hosted, but we will guide you through what needs to be done, be standing by in case of surprises, and cheering you on as you unveil your new labor of love!

How long does a design project take?

Projects begin at 8 weeks in length and depend upon the complexity of your scope of work.Read more about our schedule here.

What does a custom website design or brand identity design cost?

We intend for the work you do with us to pay for itself in increased sales. You expect a solid return on your investment, and your Aeolidia team will strategize to meet that goal. We don’t do cookie cutter, and our pricing will be based on the needs of your particular business. The first step to finding out is to get our rate sheet with more details about the services you are interested in!

How easily will I be able to update the website myself?

The Shopify software is made for non-techy people to be able to easily create and update a website themselves. We design and develop your website so that you will be able to update all of your content and products on your own. In the case that you need to make coding updates post-launch, we provide you with resources for getting that work done quickly and cost-effectively.

Does Aeolidia design for other platforms, like WordPress or Magento?

We are Shopify experts and we design ecommerce sites specifically for Shopify. There are a number of reasons why we recommend Shopify over any other platforms, including WooCommerce, Wix, Squarespace, or BigCommerce. You can learn more about why we prefer Shopify here.

If you do have a blog that has been running on WordPress and requires its advanced blogging features, we have worked with quite a few business owners to set up a seamless website that uses both Shopify and WordPress. We can make this look like one site and keep it easy for your customers to make purchases after viewing the blog. Floret Flowers is a good example, and please get in touch if you’d like more information about how this works.

Can Aeolidia help with _______?

Probably! We include the following in our full projects: logos, branding/identity, print and packaging design, web design & development, marketing and business consultation, copywriting, product photography, stats analysis, advanced MailChimp setup, and search engine optimization. Learn more about all of our services or get in touch!

Can you do just one little thing for me?

Our focus is currently on creating custom sites for clients from the ground up, and we don’t offer partial solutions or cut corners. We want to dig deep into your target customer and business goals to create a truly custom site for you. This means that, while we offer many supporting services, you need to hire us for either logo design and/or website design to take advantage of our full menu of services. You can read about how we would work with you here. I hope you’ll consider how well your entire site works, and set yourselves up to see strong results.

Can you help me choose a business name?

Along with brand design and copywriting, business name brainstorming is one of the services we offer. It can feel crazy to hand over such an important part of your business to another person, but rest assured, our method works and it’s collaborative. We often do this as the first step of logo design projects. Learn more about how we can help you choose a new business name.

What print materials do I need to have designed?

Almost all businesses will need some types of print materials, including ecommerce businesses that want to make a good impression through the mail. In addition to your business cards and business stationery such as letterhead, thank you cards and return address labels, you may also want to design print materials that will heighten your customer’s unboxing experience, including custom mailing boxes, branded tissue paper, logo packing tape, stamps, stickers, and more. If you need catalogs, line sheets, or brochures for trade shows, we can also help bring these to life. Check out some of our print design projects or check out our list of recommended printers and packaging companies.

What should I know about product packaging design?

Retailers have told us that product packaging design is so important that often it doesn’t matter what the product inside is! Your packaging tells your story, lists features and explains benefits, establishes your style, and attracts customers. Strong print and packaging design can be used on everything from custom boxes and product labels to hang tags on garments and accessories, or even custom printed tissue paper or packing tape! View our product packaging projects or check out our list of recommended printers and packaging companies.

What content do I need to provide for my custom website design?

When considering what you’ll need to bring to a website design project, the three areas of content you’ll want to provide are:

  1. Photography. It is important to have both lifestyle shots and products on a white background. You will want photos for your home page, for each product, and for many pages of your site, such as your About page. You may want photos that set the mood or explain how your products work. You can bring this or you can include our product photographer in your project.
  2. Text (copy). You will need keyword-rich text for your home page, product collections pages, product descriptions, and many pages of your site. Your copy needs to tell your story, answer questions, and sell your products. You will need some legal copy, such as your policy pages. You will need to consider small but important snippets of text, such as your calls to action for things such as joining your newsletter. We will guide you through what is needed and can also write the copy for you.
  3. Video. Video is continuing to become more popular as a way to tell your story and explain what differentiates your business or how to use your products. You may want an introduction video for the home page, a behind the scenes video for your About page, or videos showing individual products in use for product detail pages.
  4. Downloads. Some shops provide free downloads as part of their strategy. This could be anything from a printable PDF ring sizer to help people make a purchase to free phone wallpaper to entice them to join your mailing list. We can help design and create this content.

What kind of product photography do I need?

There are 2 types of product photos that we recommend using on your ecommerce website. Lifestyle photos (these are ones that are styled: in a home, on a model, with props) will help your potential customer imagine having your product in her life. They look great on Pinterest, Instagram, and other social media platforms. White background photos can be used on product pages to help people see all of the details and different angles of your product. For artists and stationery brands, custom stock photos that are unique to your business can also streamline and speed up the process of listing your products online. Learn more about our professional ecommerce product photography services.

How does a copywriter work?

If you’re struggling with telling the driving narrative of your brand, it could be that you’re too close to see the big picture. We can write your Shopify home page copy, your About page and biographical text, product descriptions, and more. We are also able to copy edit pages on your site such as your FAQ page, shipping and returns policies, and more.

Professional ecommerce copywriting can bring your lifestyle brand to life. In order to make the sale, your potential customers need to connect with your products on an emotional level, and they need to understand every detail about your products. Our copywriter will work closely with you to craft compelling and polished text for use on your new website. She will learn about your business and point of view so she can write in your “voice.”

What marketing strategy does an ecommerce business need?

All ecommerce businesses need a marketing strategy. In order to increase your online sales, you need a strategy in place to get more traffic to your website and to convert more website visitors into paying customers. We can work with you to craft an effective marketing plan that includes search engine optimization (SEO), PR/pitching campaigns, advertising, social media, blog, newsletter, and more.

How do I get more traffic to my site?

There are five main ways to bring traffic to your website: search engine optimization (SEO), social media, online press and publicity, email marketing, and creating general brand recognition by promoting your business offline. When increased website traffic is paired with conversion optimization, the result can be a big increase in online sales. Aeolidia offers marketing and SEO services along with custom ecommerce design. See ongoing support below.

How do I know if I’m ready to invest in my website or brand?

We like to get involved when we know our work can be transformative and trigger exponential growth. That is why we evaluate each business that asks us for a project quote, to make sure we feel that we can make it more than worth their investment.

These are the six things you need to have in place to anticipate a good return on your investment with Aeolidia. You need these things whether you work with us or not. Learn about the six things you need to be able to expect retail success here.

What do your payment processes and schedules look like?

In terms of processing, we accept checks and certified funds via mail. We can accept credit cards via PayPal, but there are merchant fees to consider with that option so we don’t recommend it. Finally, we can accept direct bank transfers and, in the case of international payments, are willing to work with wire transfers.

Do you provide ongoing support?

Sure! We have a variety of retainer options that include things like conversion rate optimization and blocks of dev support hours.

How much work is this for me?

This is a collaborative process by nature. For logo and brand design work, aside from basic approvals and communication direction, it really depends on how involved you’d LIKE to be. We try to find a happy medium between saving your time by being proactive and keeping your vision in mind as we work.

For web design, there is a lot of work for you, and we want to be transparent about that. This still varies from project to project, but expect a lot of back and forth communication, approvals, and leg work to make sure this project goes perfectly.

Will you do data entry/move data?

We absolutely can. Make sure to let us know during the proposal process if that’s a top priority.

What do you do for SEO?

All of our sites are built with SEO best practices in mind. In terms of strategy and continuing work, we have a lot of options on an ongoing basis. Chat with our team about it when you get going!

What marketing services do you offer?

Check out the page here for more details on this.