A Clear Event Ticket Ordering Process

School House Craft’s mission is to help artists and craft makers find the knowledge they need to build businesses that last.

School House Craft, in Seattle, offers weekly classes, hands-on workshops as well as an annual conference for artists and crafters, and is a valuable resource for learning how to start and grow your creative small business empire.

We are able to work on a charitable project once or twice a year, when it matches well with our niche and values as a company, and we were pleased to offer School House Craft one of these special spots in our schedule, working at a discount, and as a trade for advertising and promotion. Because of this, Aeolidia is going to start reaching out locally, to Seattle crafters, artists, and designers.

I have two upcoming classes with School House, and will be speaking at Blogger’s Summer Camp. If you’re in or near Seattle, please join us for End Each Day With an Empty Inbox, on June 4, where I will be giving you hands-on help with your particular inbox situation. We’ll also be doing a class on web content strategy in the fall, when people are ready to get back inside and back to work on their businesses!

Blogger’s Summer Camp is on June 14th, and I’ll be speaking with these blogging geniuses – I hope I can hold up my end of the panel!

Blair Stocker of Wise Craft
Andie Powers of Assemble
Megan Reardon of Not Martha 
Marie LeBaron of Make and Takes
Melanie Biehle of Inward Facing Girl 
School House Craft

It was fun working with Andrea and Marlo, the School House Craft team, on their redesign! We asked them what makes School House unique, and they gave us this great info:

We are focused on small business classes with creative small business individuals in mind. We know Etsy. We know hip independent boutiques. We know craft fairs like Urban Craft Uprising and Renegade. We know who they deal with, we know their markets, we know their struggles and we know how they can succeed.

Our clients and educators make jewelry, craft plushies, illustrate hip children’s book, make vegan handbags, create handcrafted salts, brew fermented vinegar, make their own jam, blog, tweet and photography what they do!  They all run or are thinking of starting their own creative small business.  They are the new generation of homemakers turning their passion into a profitable business. Our teachers sit beside our students at craft fairs, sell at the same boutiques. They have been there and done it and have gotten really good at what they do!

Lauren designed a crafty, smart, modern, and colorful website for them based on their feedback, and then Shoshanna made it work well for  them and their students by making the class lists and calendar easy to use and understand, as well as setting up the WooTickets plugin for WordPress to make ordering event tickets easy to do. School House Craft are very happy with their new website!

It was a delight to work with Aeolidia! From the start is was so nice to work with a company that understood our style, demographic and our mission. We had seen all the amazing sites that they had already worked on so it was easy to get started and know that they would come up with something amazing. The process was incredibly helpful for us. Aeolidia gave us the tools we needed to really think through what we needed in a website. I really appreciated that there was a very structured timeline and we knew what we needed to get them and when. The process was broken down into bite sized pieces with very clear goals for each step. It was so exciting to see each piece come together. We couldn’t be happier with the result!
— Andrea Porter of School House Craft

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