Two Great Email Newsletter Guides to Finally Start Your Mailing List

I’ve run across two great, quick, thorough guides to getting started sending an email newsletter. One is an $18 ebook by Abby Glassenberg, an expert in the home sewing industry, who writes a smart and well-researched blog. The other is a free video course by MailChimp about how to get started with a newsletter. The class tells you technically how to make a newsletter and Abby’s ebook helps you figure out what to put in it.

How to create a powerful email newsletter: a comprehensive guide for creatives

Two Great Email Newsletter Guides to Finally Start Your Mailing ListFirst, you’re going to want to get inspired and educated by Abby Glassenberg. She covers everything a person who is new to email marketing will want to know. Abby knows why  you don’t want to start a newsletter (worried you’ll be bugging people? Don’t know what to put in it?) and she not only takes away those fears, she makes the prospect sound fun:

When you write an email newsletter and send it out to people who have opted in to your list you’re not burdening them. You’re giving them a treat. Unlike so many other emails we receive each day, an email newsletter requires no action on the part of the recipient. They can enjoy it, ignore it, or save it for later, and when they’re done with it they can simply delete it. Instead of a burden, reframe your thinking about your newsletter by seeing it as a hand-delivered gift to your favorite fans.

I have just read through Abby’s email newsletter guide, and it is golden! It’s friendly, easy to read, and makes this confusing topic make sense. She tells stories that illustrate the “whys” and includes examples of each thing she talks about so visual learners can see what she means.

I agreed with everything Abby says in this book. She’s one of my business-y colleagues that seems to be on the same wavelength as me most of the time. I’d just love to have one of those 30 minute coffee shop dates with her that turns into a two hour where-did-the-time-go brainstorming session.

Her book is thorough and eye-opening. I wrote down two action items myself that I’m going to tweak my newsletter with this week – and I’ve been sending a newsletter for years, and feel like I have the hang of it!

Go read the table of contents and buy Abby’s book from the button below. $18 to get clarity and inspiration to make the process of setting up your mailing list something you’ll look forward to? A great investment:


Abby has graciously agreed to let us sell her book from our site. I think it’s something all our readers could benefit from. The button above takes you to a page that describes the book in more detail and allows you to buy it right from me.

Getting Started with Email Marketing

Two Great Email Newsletter Guides to Finally Start Your Mailing List

Now that you want to have a mailing list and you’re excited to write your first newsletter, how the heck are you going to do it? I’ve been using MailChimp for years, and it just gets easier and more powerful all the time. They have a great class available for free on Skillshare that will take you through the basics and get you up to speed and ready to go in a little over an hour. They have divided the class up into bite-size videos, so you can skip anything you already know, or watch it bit by bit as you have the time.

Allyson Van Houten on the MailChimp team leads you through topics such as how often you should send, how to build your list, how to design an email, how to test, and common pitfalls they’ve seen. This video course is as straightforward and easy to take action on as Abby’s ebook.

Skillshare has given me a referral link for this class, so when you click the button, both you and I will get a free month to use Skillshare. I’ve been curious about their classes, and some of the Aeolidia team even teach on there, so this could be fun for both of us!

Get started with email marketing

Get a great start with your mailing list

The time is now! Don’t sit around waiting for someday to start your newsletter. I have never had anyone tell me they wish they had waited to start sending a newsletter. Your mailing list is kind of like having an interest-earning bank account or IRA. The earlier you start, the more people will be on the list. The earlier you begin saving for retirement, the more money you will have when it comes time to retire.

These resources are something I’d ordinarily share exclusively with the VIPs on my own mailing list, but the usefulness of these two email newsletter guides together made me want to hop on the blog and let all our readers know. Hey, if you’ve been reading along and enjoying our articles, it’s a bit silly if you’re not getting my newsletter. It’s focused on helping you get more sales and make more time for the rest of your life (you know, the “life” part of “work-life balance?”). Join the thousands of creative businesses who are working smarter, not harder, with me here.

I have been honing my newsletter for years, and if you subscribe, you can see how I customize my subscribe process, how I use automation to send everyone a “getting started” series of emails, and what I send out weekly.

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