How to Design a Memorable Unboxing Experience

People are always asking me for print and packaging sources, and this is proving to be a popular series! I'm writing monthly throughout 2016 about each part of our packages in detail.

We send a welcome kit out to each new Aeolidia client. It’s a nice way to say hello, share some info, set the tone, and also give some gifts! All fun things. First, we worked out what we wanted to send, and then the trick was how to package it. We considered cardboard mailers, but didn’t want our warm welcome to just look like more humdrum mail in the mailbox. Next we looked at fancy puffy packs (colored and metallic), but ultimately wanted something sleeker that would look more like a gift.

We ended up choosing sweet mailable boxes in the turquoise accent color we use for our brand. And we found a way to mail them so that they still looked fun, but didn’t get ruined by their trip through the postal service. We want our boxes to be something someone could possibly continue to use as delightful storage in their office or elsewhere.

Originally, we were going for custom mailing boxes (foil-stamped!), but discovered that the minimums were too high for our service-based business. Instead, we ended up perfectly happy sticking a custom embossed sticker on the boxes.

The Aeolidia seal, embossed on foil labels

The Aeolidia seal, embossed on foil labels


Our slightly shimmery aqua boxes

Our slightly shimmery aqua boxes


Read to head out in the mail!

Ready to head out in the mail!


I put these together by hand for each new client. We have gotten great feedback from our recipients, and it was fun to consider all the packaging and unboxing options for this project.

Sourcing printers and packaging suppliers

I would like to share which printers and manufacturers we worked with to produce our marketing materials and packaging. In this many-part series, I am also going to tell you about:

  • any problems I had with printers
  • how we saved money when we could
  • where and why we splurged.
  • what I learned through the process (there were some mistakes!),
  • what I would do differently

People are always asking me for print and packaging sources, and this is proving to be a popular series! This information is going out to my newsletter subscribers only, and I will write once a month throughout 2016 about each part of our packages in detail.

Sign up for our newsletter below! The last post went out last month and is about our custom trading cards (business cards) – you’ll get a link to that post in tomorrow’s email, which will have all the details about our mailing boxes. I’ll be sharing where we got them, what your options are, and the other mailing ideas we ended up not going ahead with. Also included: the friendly little surprise on our return address labels!

Shipshape Collective Freebie

Here's where I got all the printed materials I use to promote Aeolidia and send our clients as gifts, with detailed reviews of and links to the printers I used.

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