Print Sources For Custom Business Stationery: Revealed!

Sources for custom business stationery. Where to find gold foil screen printed die cut cards with custom envelope liners and embossed details.


We made every effort to impress with Aeolidia’s custom business stationery. Our thank you cards are an example of how to design business stationery without cutting corners (except for the corners of the cards, which are quite literally cut). We send these cards out to clients at the close of projects, with a personal note about their project.

We matched the cards and the envelope color, had custom envelope liners printed, and our merman seal is embossed on the flap. It’s a luxurious experience for our clients, and I love knowing I’m putting my best foot forward when corresponding with clients. Take a peek!


Die cut, gold foil mailing labels


Custom envelope liner, with die cut, duplex, screen printed cards


Die cut, gold foil, screen printed cards

Want to make your own business stationery beautiful?

I’m sending out an email tomorrow with design tips and tricks, decisions we made, and my print sources for:

  • Gold foil, duplexed, screen printed, die cut cards
  • Colored envelopes
  • Custom envelope liners
  • Embossing tool
  • Tape glider

Sourcing printers and packaging suppliers

I would like to share which printers and manufacturers we worked with to produce our marketing materials and packaging. In this many-part series, I am also going to tell you about:

  • any problems I had with printers
  • how we saved money when we could
  • where and why we splurged.
  • what I learned through the process (there were some mistakes!),
  • what I would do differently

People are always asking me for print and packaging sources, and this is proving to be a popular series! This information is going out to my newsletter subscribers only, and I will write once a month throughout 2016 about each part of our packages in detail.

Subscribe below to read every email in the print series! I shared the problem we had with the USPS and our custom envelope liners, and the extra step I take to make the experience remarkable. As well as sources and printers for each part of this project.

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Here's where I got all the printed materials I use to promote Aeolidia and send our clients as gifts, with detailed reviews of and links to the printers I used.

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