Business Consultation: Email Mentoring

Business Consultation: Email Mentoring

Email mentoring sessions are one-on-one consultations over email with me, Caroline Colom Vasquez, Aeolidia’s marketing consultant.

How our email marketing consultation works:

An online marketing consultation provides advice, feedback, direction or an experienced second opinion on something you’re questioning or struggling within your business. Throughout our time together, you and I will work to identify what your business needs, and the steps to take to put a solution in place.

First I’ll get to know you and your business through a detailed questionnaire, and create a plan for how we will address your most pressing issues. I’ll offer suggestions, exercises, and resources to answer your questions and help you gain clarity in areas where you feel under-confident or unsure.

The best part? You have the chance to try out some new methods or strategies and implement some changes in your business while you have me around to give feedback and a second opinion. Our space is free from judgment, full of encouragement, and a great place to gain the skills and confidence you may be seeking to take your business to the next level!

Our work together takes place via email, and you can send me a message whenever it is convenient for you. You’ll always have our emails as a reference to refer back to when you need them.

“The marketing consultation with Caroline was invaluable. She helped me define my ideal customer and established our mission statement. She unknowingly came up with my business tagline; something that was not planned but I am so grateful for.” – Cajun Heritage

Take a look at some of the different options, below. If you don’t see what you need, let us know, and we would be glad to put a custom package together for you.

What are my areas of expertise? Topics I consult on include:

Business Foundations

  • Identifying/defining your target market and adjusting your branding to reach them effectively
  • Writing and using a mission statement to guide your business in the direction of your goals
  • Beginning basics of selling online- where, why, and how
  • Creating a cohesive product line and pricing it successfully
  • Creating product images that reflect your brand

Business Growth

  • Managing the growth of a handcraft business- logistically and emotionally
  • Marketing plans: including advertising, networking, and social media ideas for promotion
  • Step by step planning, support, and accountability for long-term projects
  • Wholesale and retail relationships


  • Studio Management to keep your workflow productive
  • Work/life balance for entrepreneurs; strategies to avoid burnout
  • Writing effective shop policies and terms/conditions, and FAQs to inform your customers about your process

Human Resources

  • Employee relations, including empowering yourself as the leader of a team, writing an employee handbook, and building a company culture you love
  • Family businesses, working side by side with your partner

“I so appreciate your detailed answers, and all of your help this month. It feels like there is a more solid foundation under my feet as I think about my business than there was a month ago, which is a very nice feeling. It’s been lovely to work with you!” – Leah Buckley⠀

How I work

My approach to custom mentoring is based on the process of initiating change and empowering you to make decisions to move forward in reaching your goals.

As a professional counselor and educator, I recognize how intrinsically our sense of self is connected to one’s business and livelihood. I also know first-hand how it is to be a striving, motivated business owner, continually faced with challenges and decisions in-between moments of joy and exciting successes. Whether you are experiencing a season of growth, or are just adjusting your sails, making changes to your business can often be scary. As artists and creatives, making changes to our business can feel like changing one’s identity: let’s be honest, it’s scary. Having someone by your side to offer support, guidance, and motivation is often the nudge you need to set things in motion.

All of my mentoring services balance these experiences and emotions with the realities of running a productive business- from the day to day management of a busy shop, to the logistics of landing a major wholesale account, and everything in between. This approach results in business owners who are knowledgable, confident, and empowered.

Business therapy services

Before and After 
$1200; one kick-off video conference, ongoing email/Basecamp conversation, and one wrap-up video conference; can be spread out over six weeks

We will start with a video meeting to get to know each other, outline your main questions and concerns that we will be addressing, and define your goals for our time together. From there we will begin corresponding via written communications on Basecamp where I will share resources, answer questions, and provide feedback to help you make progress and gain clarity in the areas you identified during our initial meeting. Our wrap up call/video conference will be scheduled 4-6 weeks later (depending on your progress, schedule, and needs!). During that meeting, we will review the changes you have implemented and lay out some future goals for you to continue to work towards.

One Month Virtual Mentoring 
$950; includes one intro phone call then written conversations via Basecamp only

Ideal for hashing out forward-thinking planning, defining your target customer, writing a mission statement, or other ideas that need space, feedback and some time to develop and grow.

Let’s Chat 
$250/hour via phone or video conference

Maybe you have a question and don’t know where to find an answer. Maybe you’d just like some advice from someone who has been there before or wants to feel empowered in your decision-making. From copyrights to copy-cats, from hiring to firing, special orders to specializing, ask us. We are here as a sounding board for all of your creative business experiences; and if we don’t know the answer, we work to connect you with folks who do.

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