Connecting Creative Women: Interview With Kitty of the Switchboards

I interview Kitty about running a forum for creative women in business.

Hi, Kitty! Tell us a bit about yourself. You’ve always been a great help on the Switchboards, since you’ve run your own businesses and also have a lot of website know-how. What projects are you working on now, other than the Switchboards? What are your DIY qualifications?

I’m a molecular biologist by trade, but I’ve been crafting ever since I discovered the joys of dry macaroni noodles and glitter! To support myself in college I started my first business making anime-shaped fleece hats, which I ran for almost 6 years. I needed a website when I started and wanted to DIY it, so I learned HTML and some php so I could run my own shop online, and my site went through many incarnations as I learned. Along the way I also adopted I Buy DIY, one of the first online directories for indie shops. I eventually closed down my first business last year with the intention of taking a break from running a business, but I missed it so that break didn’t last long at all. Instead of relaxing, I teamed up with my best friend to start VelAwesome Raptor Labs.

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