How to Catch Press Attention in Promoting Your Business

A well-placed press mention can have phenomenal effects for your business—so how do you catch press attention?
If you’ve ever discovered a great brand through a favorite blog or magazine, and then wondered how you too could get your business featured in it, you’re not alone. A well-placed press mention can have phenomenal effects for your business—so how do you catch press attention?

Sarah Coats had this same question when we redesigned the logo for her company, Beloved Paper. A watercolor artist and stationery designer who creates all her original artwork by hand, Sarah was focused on re-launching and transitioning from being known as a wedding designer who does prints to an artist who also makes stationery. She had a clear set of goals, and among them was pitching to blogs and magazines for features and reviews. But her biggest hesitation was something many business owners can relate to:

“How do I promote my business as successful when I feel like such a tiny fish in all the waters?”

Create a brand that will catch the attention of your targeted customers & media outlets

To start her new brand in the right direction, we set Sarah up with two months of marketing support with our marketing expert, Jena. Jena’s mojo sessions are one-on-one email consultations that are completely customized to each business owner’s needs and goals. She acts as both a business mentor and brand strategist, helping you get your new brand out there.

In Sarah’s case, Jena helped her identify and communicate Beloved Paper’s unique selling proposition, and guided her through the process of discovering her ideal customers. Both of these exercises are fundamental to brand-building: when you know precisely what you have to offer and who is looking for it, you can tailor your visual identity and brand experience to those exact purposes. This sets you up to effectively promote yourself not just to customers, but to members of the press, too.

In tandem with the marketing mojo sessions, Christine got to work on Beloved Paper’s new logo. Sarah had a very focused set of business goals and design aesthetics, which is a great way to start a design project—apart from being beautiful, great design should serve your business purposes.

“I would like people to see my logo and see a luxury and established brand. I would like it to incorporate some watercolors and gold foiling as that is my main design style. I would like to eventually create a wedding stationery catalog so the branding needs to be professional enough for stores to pick up.”

Christine submitted an elegant concept to Sarah, featuring classic typography with floral illustrations growing around it. Some small tweaks in the next rounds included thinning the lines of the box, adjusting the floral pattern, and changing the typography so that it’s a combination of a custom, hand-drawn type and a serif font. The final result was a classic, elegant logo that lends itself beautifully to gold foil, and sets the foundation for additional brand elements that establish Beloved Paper as luxury, sophisticated and heartfelt:

wedding stationery logo

Belove Paper logo. A logo and brand identity for a custom stationery designer specializing in weddings.

Come up with a launch plan to promote your rebranding

As her launch date neared, Jena helped Sarah come up with a timeline and strategy for promoting her new look. Would she be blogging or sending a newsletter? What social media channels would be best to build buzz and capture new customers? And how could Beloved Paper get on the radar of magazine and blog editors who’d get her name and beautiful work out there?

The first step was coming up with a list of publications to pitch to. When you create your own list, consider why you’re targeting each specific publication, then use these insights to customize your pitch.

For example, one of Sarah’s dream magazines focuses on family and marriage, as opposed to just weddings. This aligned perfectly with how Sarah approaches her own art: it’s a way to find the blessings of every day and turn them around to impact other’s lives.

Next, refine your focus. When you pitch a publication, instead of asking them to feature you, draw their attention to why or what they should feature:

“The fact that you re-branded isn’t newsworthy to a blog who hasn’t heard of you yet, so you don’t want to make that the focus of the pitch. The focus is on the products you’re wanting them to consider for a feature. Direct them specifically to what you know they might like based on what you know their audience is interested in.”

For each of her pitches, Sarah highlighted a specific product or invitation that she thought would most resonate with each outlet. She included professional, stunning photographs of these in her pitch, making it easier for editors to imagine how Beloved Paper would look featured in their publication.

Most importantly, be enthusiastic. Yes, promoting your business is hard work, but when you have a site design, logo, photography and brand that is absolutely on point, you’ll WANT to share it with everyone! It’s exactly this enthusiasm that will help you promote your business in an authentic way, and to the right audience. As Jena says, “The more you can let your heart and energy shine through, the more it will reach out to connect with people.”


We asked Sarah about her experience working with Aeolidia and she told us:

“I could not be more grateful for the work that Aeolidia put into my rebrand. I had followed their work for quite some time and loved not only their designs but the business tips on the blog as well.

Being an artist myself, I was nervous about hiring a design team. I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted and was worried that it wouldn’t translate into my brand coming from another designer.

I struggled a little in the beginning of the design process because I was trying so hard not to be a difficult client, I felt horrible asking her to make edits and adjustments. But Christine was wonderful and graciously accommodated every request. I am in love with the color palette, fonts, and I honestly have to say the brand mark is probably my favorite.

The marketing sessions with Jena were absolutely invaluable! I could not be more pleased with her guidance and I dreaded the end of our sessions. I feel so much more equipped to communicate who I am as a business with her mentorship and to reach out to editors in my field.

I am so much more confident in my brand with the branding and mentorship I received from Aeolidia and I cannot wait for the day when we officially reveal our new look.”

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