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Our professional photography services have been quite popular recently, and I wanted to share some of my favorite photos from a recent project, Crystalyn Kae handbags.

Crystalyn Kae product photography

Our client

Photos beforeCrystalyn has been creating handbags for ten years now, and we’ve been helping her out with her website since 2005! Her bags are made of glazed fabric, have great inner pockets, and can be run right through the washing machine. She wanted to be sure to capture their roominess, sturdiness, and details in the photos. Her concern when taking photographs herself was that the details would get lost – especially the contrast topstitch detailing and vintage fabrics in the pleats and inner pockets.

Crystalyn Kae product photography

Our process:

Crystalyn shipped a big box of bags out to Jennifer, our photographer, and shared some ideas and inspiration. Jennifer then scouted some locations and a model, did some research on different ways to hang and display handbags, and got to work on creating both studio shots with a white background, model shots against a white background, and model shots in an urban setting. Photos of the bags in a grouping were taken, to allow customers to compare colors, and photos that helped show what would fit into the pockets on various bags were styled as well.

Crystalyn Kae product photography

Crystalyn says:

“I have been doing my own photos for my site for the past 7 years, but I was finding that it wasn’t worth it for me to do it myself. And when I saw that Aeolidia was offering product photography – I was over the moon. I compiled a Pinterest folder of some of my favorite shots and sent it to Jennifer. Once my box of bags had arrived, she began work – and posted her progress in a private Flickr folder for me to review. The process couldn’t have been smoother – and I am thrilled with how clean, consistent and professional the images have turned out. Now I have more time to create bags, and I love that I have someone that I can trust to capture the special details of my designs.”

Crystalyn Kae product photography

Would professional photography work for you?

If your products are sold online, compelling product photos that make it clear to your customer exactly what they’re getting are imperative! If you’re taking your own photos, doing as much as you can to learn about your camera and the basics of product photography will be a great help. However, if you feel like there aren’t enough hours in a day, getting the “photography” task off your to-do list would be a real time-saver.

This service is best if you have a decent amount of inventory of each item (as it’s probably not worth the per-item cost investment if your items are one of a kind), and if your products are a reasonable size/weight to mail out to Jen.

I thought Crystalyn’s photos looked pretty good before she worked with us, but once I saw the new photos from Jennifer, it was obvious this was a very smart investment for Crystalyn, and the kind of thing that will help step her up to the next level with her business (besides saving her all that valuable time to actually make handbags, rather than photographing handbags!).

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