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Soaring Suds brand identity design and custom shopify website for a handcrafted soap brand

Ann Parker Brand Strategist

Ann Parker, Brand Strategist at Aeolidia

By working with Ann Parker, our brand strategist, you will have the opportunity to view your business through our expert lens. We look at your big picture goals, compare and contrast against your competition to find an area of opportunity, and dig deep to understand your customers.

We pinpoint the challenge or friction customers experience before purchasing from your shop. With this in-depth knowledge, your team of Aeolidians is able to craft a truly meaningful brand story that attracts customers through messaging, tone, and stunning visual design.

Our brand strategist blends years of experience in brand design with a background in strategic storytelling to offer a process that provides a multi-faceted look at where you are now… and where you want to go.

What to expect when you work with us on your brand strategy:

  • Discovery work to mine for deeper insight to create your brand
  • A video brainstorm to focus on your pain points and goals
  • Competitive analysis: comparison to your top 2 to 3 competitors
  • Diagnose your “area of opportunity” to shine within your niche
  • Finding the brand values behind your “why,” “how,” and “who”
  • A storyline that helps distill our findings and forge a path
  • Strategic visual inspiration direction (mood board)

Your brand should be built on a solid, strategic foundation. Before you decide how it is going to look, make sure you understand why it needs to be that way and who you are attracting. Lucky for you—that’s what we do best!

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