Benzie Design Branding Case Study

Behind the Scenes of a Brand Identity Project

Go behind the scenes with Aeolidia designer Christine Castro Hughes to discover hidden rainbows, sprinkles of confetti, and find out how colors and fonts were chosen for Benzie Design, a wool felt shop. This is the first logo that we’ve ever seen in an embroidered version, and we think you’ll like it!

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Christine—I also wanted to personally thank you for the work you did on our logo. Having a design background myself I have pretty high standards—and wow! You totally met all my expectations. I fall in love with the logo everytime I see it. It’s just beautiful—it’s been fun seeing it come to life through branding! I’m so glad we got matched up! —Renae Bradley

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Before & After

The Benzie Design logo before:


Benzie logo before


Benzie Design, rebranded by Aeolidia:

Benzie Design rebrand

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