Attracting a New Caliber of Clients

BerinMade website

Erin runs BerinMade, a stationery design company based in London, UK. Her work has a very strong focus on finely-crafted hand lettering, whimsical illustrations and a bold love of color. Attracting new clients, and specifically better-fitting clients, was the name of the game for this project.

Erin and Ben were dream clients, and we had a great time working with them. Margot was the  intrepid web designer on this project, Chris made it come to life in Cartkeeper, and the result is just smashing!

The Project Brief

Erin said,

“I’ve really tried to build my site as a place to stimulate creativity, full of pretty things to look at and be inspired. As such, I don’t want my visitors to come in and feel like they are being “sold” to, but that it’s OK to get inspiration, and almost, for their end experience to feel like they are excited to commission me (as opposed to just a mind-numbing experience of handing over money for a product).

The main thing for the shop to improve, would be the ability to have options (e.g. colorways) for each listing. For some items, such as my Christmas cards, it feels like the shopper has to sift through a ton of info before they can place the order — it’s too much work right now! If these different options can be built into drop down menus that would be amazing, as I’m planning on doing a lot of monogram series and alphabet collections in the new year.

The other thing for the shop to improve is, of course, for it to look like it belong to the website, as opposed to being an extension of it. The fact that my clients will not have to leave my website to buy something would be great!”

Personalization Options on the New Site

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Custom item page

Interview With Erin

Was this a good investment for your business?

“Having Aeolidia work on our website was one of the best decisions we’ve made for the growing of our little company! Having all the features we wanted, budget-wise, was a real stretch for us as a small business just under a year old. We were working towards a good turnover but felt like we were hitting a ceiling because our old website that we’d built ourselves was not effective in attracting the caliber of clients we wanted to work with, nor could it have dealt with the volume we wanted to bring in.

Even though it was a real stretch for our business, we took a leap knowing that we could really reap what we invest in, and more. We are so pleased with the finished result of our integrated site, with full customisation options and ecommerce functions which enables us to concentrate more on growing the business (such as designing new products and marketing) instead of doing repetitive donkey work such as quotations, inventory, etc.

Besides Aeolidia’s wealth of knowledge and expertise in working in growing small businesses like ours, their customer service was just amazing and Arianne and her team really knew how to win over the hearts of her clients. At every step we knew that we were taken care of and were always delivered a product beyond our expectations. Though it was a stretch in the beginning, once the project was underway, we totally knew that it was money well spent.”

Are you seeing changes in customer engagement now, and/or more purchases?

“We are seeing an increase in sales, and also an increase in interest from the media. Because of the integrated customisation functions, we are able to add products quicker and in a more systematic way, which means that we can turn the ideas in our heads into reality a lot quicker than before!”

Does a professional-looking website ease your interactions with other businesses (wholesalers, service providers, etc.)?

“We are currently working towards getting wholesale set up, however since the new site went live we’ve already had a few enquiries regarding selling in bulk!”