An Elegant Transformation

I’ve been wanting to share this dramatic transformation with you for some time. This before & after is like looking at sweet baby pictures, then seeing your daughter on her graduation day – what a change!


Easton Place logo by Lauren Hardage


Patti from Easton Place told us:

My ideal logo is clean, elegant, somewhat modern with a touch of timeless sophistication. I started my business with a sweet little elephant logo because most of my offerings were whimsical and/or for children. I’ve grown over time and I’m ready for my logo to grow as with my shop.

You can see her original site here:

Easton Place - before

Easton Place – before

Lauren took Patti’s ideas and inspiration, created a truly elegant logo, designed a well-balanced site, and here’s Easton Place now!

Easton Place - after

Such a difference, don’t you think? After the site went live last year, Patti talked to Isa about it on the Noisette Academy blog, and you can get all the details about the redesign and advice to small businesses considering hiring a web design team here:

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