Aeolidia's Offices: Meg Lewis

We started out in Seattle, but now Aeolidia workers are spread all over the globe. How do we manage working with each other across time zones and primarily online? What is it like to be a freelancer with yourself as the boss? Keep an eye on the Aeolidia’s Offices posts to learn more. Meg is one of our designers. She sat down recently to give us a peek into her working setup.

Meg Lewis

Describe how you get your freelance work done. Are you a full time freelancer, or do you have a day job? How long have you been working for yourself?

I’m very proud to say that I’m a full time freelancer. I’ve been working for myself off-and-on since 2009, occasionally taking positions with my client’s companies intermittently during the past few years. Today, I work out of a shared studio space called Studiomates in Brooklyn, New York. We’re a group of freelance designers, developers, illustrators, writers and bloggers. Having such talented people around me is so inspiring. I’m constantly learning so much from these amazing people and am challenged every day I’m here.

Meg at Studiomates

Favorite thing about your working setup?

By far, the natural light. Our studio is covered in windows overlooking the Manhattan bridge and the east river. Light pours in from dawn until dusk. I have that great gold lamp on my desk and I never need to use it!

Meg at Studiomates

What are the essential tools for your work day?

Definitely a hefty glass of water at all times. Sitting with a big glass of water at my desk certainly keeps me hydrated and I’d like to think that it partially counteracts the fact that I’m sitting down all day. Right now, I’m sporting a lovely 27″ iMac which I can’t live without. It allows me to work on large sites without having to scroll too much. Last, but certainly not least, we have a beer fridge here at Studiomates that really fuels my evening work sessions and offers a way to unwind at the end of the day. We have legendary “Beer Fridays” here at the studio. It’s the best time of the week!

Meg at Studiomates

What tip would you give others who are contemplating working from home? Have you learned anything you’d like to pass on?

I actually have the exact opposite view as most on the topic. I struggle with working at home because I can’t stop. While watching TV or spending time with my husband, I’ll see the computer glaring at me from across the room and feel guilty that I’m not working. I’m notorious for coming home from work and immediately plopping down at my apartment computer and working the night away. My biggest tip is to have your spouse or significant other password-protect your computer at home to keep you away from it! Obviously, something that only applies to me. I can’t be stopped!

Lovely & Co. site design

Favorite recent project, and why?

Branding and site design for Lovely & Co. It was such a pleasure working for a company that I would literally buy anything from. The owners really wanted to push the bar and come up with a unique design with a lot of interesting interactions. I was able to reach out of my comfort zone and take a lot of risk with this design. The end result is an incredibly easy-to-use but effective design that is different from all of their competitors. I’m a huge fan of Mid-Century Modernism and was geeking out with each page designed!

Hello hello Meg!

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