Aeolidia Wants to Design a Logo For You

Logo design examples

Do you have a logo that captures the spirit of your business, appeals to your dream customer, works well in print and on the web (and at large and small sizes), and just makes you smile every time you see it? No? What a pity – please do let us make that happen!

I am very proud to announce our new branding and identity packages. You will tell your designer all about your business, your target customer, your likes, dislikes, and inspiration, and your designer will collaborate with you to create an identity that’s just right for your business. From there, we can take your new brand and apply it to your marketing materials, print projects, and social media accounts, giving your business a cohesive identity.

Who needs a logo?
Every business should have a logo, and you may find that it makes sense to have a logo if you have a blog, write books, put on events, or have a message to get across (even if you aren’t selling anything). A consistent logo and branding will help customers recognize you instantly, whether they see your website, your Facebook page, your business cards, or your storefront signage.

How will you be able to capture my style?
Oh, we are so good at this! We have a lot of great questions we toss at you to start the conversation, and you will be included in the process every step of the way. If you’d like to peek in on a logo design project behind the scenes, click here to read my article: How a Logo is Born

Could I see some examples of your logos?
Yep! Please see some logo examples here to choose your preferred designer.

Okay, I’m ready, what do I do?
Please get in touch with me! I’ll reply within a day or two with more info on how to get started.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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