Aeolidia is Hiring a Shopify Developer

Ahoy, matey!

I am hoping you have a moment today to help me out. I know it’s unlikely that you’re the Shopify developer we’re on the hunt for, but it seems very likely that you might know someone who is.

One of the things that makes Aeolidia special is our in-house development team. Our developers are knowledgeable, cheerful, punctual, great at explaining things, and really care about our clients.

If you know of an awesome Shopify coder who you think would make a great addition to our team, please let them know that we’re looking!

The link to our job listing is here:

Dream Job for a Freelance Shopify Developer

I would be so glad if you would pass this on directly to that special someone you know, or share it online with your community. Thanks a million!

P.S. Hey, we are not actively hiring web designers right now, but if you’d like us to be aware of you if the time comes, you can say hi here: graphic design job inquiry

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