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21 Shopify Custom Design Projects

by Arianne Foulks

March 9, 2017 / Updated: January 18, 2023

A Shopify custom design theme created by a professional can increase your conversion rate, lead to more sales, and resonate with your customers.

When your shop has grown beyond pre-made Shopify themes, and you’re ready for something more powerful for your creative business, it’s time to call Aeolidia. We specialize in custom Shopify designs, tailor-made to your business and your customers. We design strategically, and our design decisions are all meant to support your goals, increase conversion rate, and multiply your current sales numbers.

Here is a quick peek at our clients’ recent launches, and at what we’re working on going into spring. These motivated creative businesses include: 7 gift and jewelry shops, 2 children’s clothing shops, 1 stationery designers, 2 housewares designers, 2 dog apparel brands, 1 party shop, 1 bath & body brand, 1 doll maker, 1 planner designer, 1 fine art gallery, 1 interior design studio, and a sewing pattern designer.

It is such an honor and a delight to be able to work with such creative, ambitious, and dedicated business owners. I think you’ll like them, too!

We will write about these projects in more detail in the upcoming weeks, but for now, I wanted to give you the rundown of what work we’ve finished and what we’re beginning now.

These ones are totally done!

Design block one at Aeolidia has wrapped up, and block two of 2017 is underway. Some of our logo clients from block one are having a website built, and the others are new to us this block. I’d like to show off the inspiring brands that are ready to put their plans into action and achieve their goals now! Here are the projects we’ve recently completed:


YAYA custom Shopify website design

YAYA doesn’t sell jewelry –YAYA provides turnkey solutions for gifts.
Project: Custom Shopify website, copywriting, social media management, SEO consultation
Status: Project complete, website launched!
Visit: YAYA, a custom-designed Shopify site by Aeolidia

Our designer, Christine, created a website that balances simplicity and color, showcases YAYA’s gorgeous jewelry and accessories, and inspires their customers to purchase gifts for the ones they love.

The layout is clean but not stark, and the typography is strong but not loud. She included some of the YAYA brand’s great textural elements, too. Together these design elements support the true star: their photography.

Christine was really drawn in by the warmth and energy in the photos, and she knew customers would be too, so she gave them prime space. By keeping the overall design clean, the photos are able to shine, telling the story of the brand and products.

Many of YAYA’s competitor’s sites are busy, cluttered, and dated, but this design aims to elevate YAYA and give customers confidence in the products and service. With just a glance, their perfect customer will know that she’s come to the right place to buy that special gift she was looking for.

View the YAYA project in our portfolio


Crafty Wonderland

Crafty Wonderland custom Shopify website design

A 2x yearly large scale art + craft market that sells goods made by Portland artists.
Project: Custom Shopify website, copywriting
Status: Project complete, website launched!
Visit: Crafty Wonderland, a custom-designed Shopify site by Aeolidia

Crafty Wonderland’s redesign presented a unique challenge: To highlight three equally important facets of Crafty Wonderland—their art & craft markets, retail store and online shop. A stripped down navigation menu helps make those three choices very clear. Customers are  able to learn more about the events that are coming up, visit the brick & mortar store, and make purchases of Portland made goods once they’ve left the fine city. The homepage, while multifunctional, is still clean and easy to navigate. Their signature  drawn illustrations are paired with a bright color palette, clear typography and a few handmade details to stay crafty but current.

View the Crafty Wonderland project in our portfolio


Living Well Spending Less

Ecommerce site for a planner business

Not just a pretty planner company, a creator of practical solutions that women can easily implement every day.
Project: Custom Shopify website, copywriting, product photography, SEO consultation
Status: Project complete, website launched!
Visit: Living Well Spending Less, a custom-designed Shopify site by Aeolidia

Ruth and the Living Well Spending Less team came to us for a website makeover to create a unified experience across their high-traffic blog and product shop living on two separate platforms. Our goal was to create a consistent, seamless, and branded experience, whether readers were dropping in to find cooking tips or on the site to get their hands on the beautiful Living Well planner.

First and foremost, we created a single navigation that allows visitors to easily navigate between content and shopping as well as a single homepage that allowed visitors to further navigate either into the content on the blog or to shop products.

Visually, we took inspiration from the bright, fun, and colorful physical products already a part of the brand and created a fresh and consistent look for both the Shopify portion of the site and the WordPress blog. The punchy colors in combination with bold sans serif type create a warm and inviting place where women can find solutions for their lives. Overall, we designed a site that improved navigation and shopability, all the while showcasing all that Living Well Spending Less has to offer.

View the Living Well Spending Less project in our portfolio



Gift and housewares logo design

Brass geometric mobiles and wall sconces inspired by traditional Finnish himmeli.
Project: Business name brainstormingBrand Identity and Product Presentation Design, trademark registration
Status: Project complete, almost ready to launch!

Our team collaborated with Samantha to create a new name that embodies the spirit of her products and Scandinavian roots. We designed a look that would stay true to the original minimal aesthetic, but create a new refined logo and mark, and we developed a cohesive style guide with new colors, graphic elements and patterns that could be used to guide Samantha in the creation of her collateral materials.

View the Hemleva project in our portfolio


Push Pushi

Custom Shopify website design for a dog accessories brand

The flagship product is a convertible dog raincoat with an umbrella-like hood.
Project: Brand Identity and Product Presentation DesignCustom Shopify websitecopywriting
Status: Project complete, website launched!
Visit: Push Pushi, a custom-designed Shopify site by Aeolidia

Aiming for a completely new look to appeal to more sophisticated pet owner, we created a logo that gives a hint of what Push Pushi is about—happy (and dry) dogs. The color palette, inspired by rainy days and signature yellow raincoats, keeps things friendly and approachable. The website includes accent details such as raindrops and umbrellas sprinkled throughout. The resulting online home is an informative and easily shoppable site that does a great job of conveying the product benefits.

View the Push Pushi project in our portfolio


Benny & Lou

Benn & Lou logo design

Focused on finding stylish and comfortable baby clothes made by small brands with high quality fabrics.
Project: Brand Identitycopywriting
Status: Brand identity design complete, online shop in progress

Jess designed a logo that will work well for the target audience and that balances the child-like with sophistication. A watercolor version provides a wonderful sense of depth and individuality to the logo. The color scheme is a bit pastel but with a sophisticated twist–and plays off the traditional children’s colors.


These ones have moved to the next phase

We were hard at work on these projects in block one, and now we’re moving right along with the next step through early spring.


Dani Barbe

Photo © Dani Barbe
Photo © Dani Barbe

Handmade raw gemstone jewelry and home goods, using unique stones and rare metalsmithing methods.
Project: Brand Identitycustom Shopify websitecopywriting
Current site: Dani Barbe (new site scheduled to launch April 21st)
Status: Brand identity and website designed, now in development

Christine has designed a beautiful new website to establish Dani Barbe as a serious business, with a site that’s as easy to use as it is gorgeous. It’s now being developed by Shoshanna on our team. This one is going to look amazing!


Cactus Fine Art

Photo © Cactus Fine Art
Photo © Cactus Fine Art

An art gallery selling fine art from a hand-picked group of artisans.
Project: Brand Identity and Product Presentation Designcustom Shopify websitecopywriting
Current site: none (new site scheduled to launch April 21st)
Status: Logo and website designed, now in development

We always love getting in on the ground floor and being able to dream big for a new brand from the very start. The logo for Cactus is absolutely lovely, we’ve designed a strategic online shopping experience for their art gallery, and the site is in development now.



Photo © Jozi Grant Photography
Photo © Jozi Grant Photography

Natural, handcrafted companions for your little ones.
Project: Custom Shopify website, marketing consultation
Current site: Bamboletta (new site scheduled to launch April 21)
Status: Website designed, now in development

Christina is one of our nearest and dearest clients from many many years ago! Our two businesses have been growing up alongside each other for ages, and now we’re so honored to jump back in with Christina and make her website a true joy to shop, that really reflects all the love and care she and her team put into their handmade dolls. As we’ve worked on the website design, we’ve considered each factor that might make a potential customer hesitate on her way to checkout, and worked to allay concerns, answer questions before they’re asked, and surprise and delight new visitors.


Silly Buddy

Photo © Silly Buddy
Photo © Silly Buddy

Silly Buddy bowties, collars and leads are worthy of neatly being placed in a drawer like any other special garment.
Project: Custom Shopify website, copywriting
Current site: Silly Buddy (new site scheduled to launch April 21)
Status: Website design complete, now in development

Shalon has been designing a beautiful website that showcases what makes Silly Buddy special. The goal is to help this shop stand out from the crowd on Etsy that it was getting lost in, and make a name for the high quality products of Hande’s business, which believes in quality over quantity and has remained small by choice.


Hester & Cook

Hester & Cook flagship store, photo © Hester & Cook
Hester & Cook flagship store, photo © Hester & Cook

Known for their paper placemat pads, a gift industry trend they started.
Project: Custom Shopify website, copywriting, SEO consultation
Current site: Hester & Cook (new site scheduled to launch April 21)
Status: Website design complete, now in development

The challenges here were in keeping Hester & Cook’s high ranking in Google for certain keywords, while clarifying the navigation, making it easy to discover all of their products, and making the look of the site establish Hester & Cook as an authority in their market. We are so proud of the design that we’ve arrived at, and I am certain that the change will have a great impact on online sales.



MAFU styled product photography © Jen Lacey for Aeolidia.
MAFU styled product photography © Jen Lacey for Aeolidia.

Bath & body products made with your precious wellbeing in mind.
Project: Brand Identity and Product Presentation Design, packaging designcustom Shopify websitecopywritingproduct photography, trademarking
Current site: BJ Naturals (new site scheduled to launch June 16)
Status: Brand identity design is complete, and website design begins

Bonnie originally signed on with us for brand identity design and custom product packaging, and was so pleased with her experience that she extended it. We’re now happily absorbed in designing her website, and making the experience online mirror the experience she gives her customers in person.


Well Dressed Wolf

Photo © Well Dressed Wolf.
Photo via Well Dressed Wolf © Wildflowers Photography.

Designing children’s clothing with a strong online community.
Project: Brand identitycustom Shopify websitecopywriting
Current site: Well Dressed Wolf (new site scheduled to launch June 16)
Status: Brand identity design is complete, and website design begins

Well Dressed Wolf is a business that felt like an iconic Aeolidia-type business from the moment she contacted me. We’re enjoying refining sisters Sarah and Shannon’s brand and sub-brands and getting them ready to meet their goals. Coordinating three brands in a way that is cohesive and allows each to stand alone has been a fun challenge, and we can’t wait to show you.


Georgie Designs

Photo © Love, Georgie
Photo © Love, Georgie

Making highly customizable, handmade jewelry and gifts, laser engraved with custom messages.
Project: Brand Identitycustom Shopify websitecopywritingproduct photographysocial media management
Current site: Georgie Designs (new site scheduled to launch June 16)
Status: Logo and brand identity complete, website design beginning.

It’s a thrill being brought in when a successful business is seeing growing pains and needs a custom website that eliminates frustrations and can grow with them. We’ve discovered many areas with room for improvement, and it’s been great fun coming up with solutions, particularly to the customizable aspect of the shop.


Nest Interior Design

Photo © Nest Interior Design
Photo © Nest Interior Design

Offering a broad spectrum of products for the home, in addition to interior design consultations.
Project: Brand Identitycustom Shopify websitecopywritingsocial media management
Current site: Nest Interior Design (new site scheduled to launch June 16)
Status: Brand identity complete, website design beginning

The Nest team had a logo, but were missing all the graphical assets needed to create a full brand identity design. For the first part of this project, we revised the logo typeface, created some alternate logo marks, chose a color scheme, coordinating typefaces, and created some graphics and patterns to be used in marketing materials. Our next step is to design the custom Shopify website.


Indigo Ember

Photo © Jen Lacey for Aeolidia
Photo © Jen Lacey for Aeolidia

A mission to use USA sourced materials to create unique personalized gifts and elegant home goods.
Project: Business name brainstormingbrand identitycustom Shopify website, copywritingproduct photographymarketing consultation
Current site: Tri-Elegance (new site scheduled to launch June 16)
Status: Brand identity complete, website design beginning

This brand started with our business naming process and became Indigo Ember. Patricia was ready to invest in what she needed to take her business to the next level, so we have also been having a business and marketing consultation with her, writing the copy for her website, and styling and shooting photos of her products. The logo design is complete now, and our next step is to design the website.


These ones have just begun

I’m thrilled to introduce you to these inspiring businesses who are beginning work with us in block two. See where they’re at now, and check back with us in a couple of months to see their transformations!


Geese & Ganders

Children’s party themes that disrupt the usual gender norms.
Project: Print designscustom Shopify websitecopywritingmarketing consultation
Current site: none (new site scheduled to launch June 16)

“Starting a modern partyware company in San Francisco. I need everything. Branding, logo, business help, etc. You seem like my dream team!

We are offering parties that allow kids to pursue their passions, not choose ones based on the “girl” category or “boy” category that you experience almost exclusively. We have designed STEM, Construction and Engineering, Jurassic and Intergalactic parties with our own themed plates, napkins and cups. We then supplement with other brands to expand the offerings. We use color themes that can be enjoyed by all. We are against the “boss girl” mentality–we just believe in the “boss” mentality for all.”


Oh Baby Names

Name prints with a detailed account of the name’s etymology, history, usage, and numerology descriptors
Project: Business name brainstormingBrand Identity and Product Presentation DesignCustom Shopify websitecopywritingproduct photography, SEO consultation
Current site: Oh Baby! Names (new site scheduled to launch August 18)

“We are interested in building a website on Shopify to sell personalized name prints. We currently have a store on Etsy that does quite well but there are quite a few restrictions on what we can do, especially when it comes to effective marketing on SEM and on social media channels. We are at the point where we have proof of concept of our product and are looking for a design and web development firm to help us get to the next phase of our business.”


Cajun Heritage Collection

Classic, handmade, “casual bohemian” jewelry that is simple enough for everyday wear, but can easily be dressed up.
Project: Brand Identitycopywritingmarketing consultation
Current site: none (website design not part of this project)

“I would like people to feel empowered and inspired when they see my new branding. I want them to feel like they can be who they are, and celebrate where they came from without any hesitation or doubt. I want them to get lost in my website, and feel very confident in purchasing items from my online store.”


Puzzle Patterns

Hip and fun sewing patterns that you can buy, download, and print at home to make your own clothing.
Project: Brand Identitymarketing consultation
Current site: none (website design not part of this project)

“This is a new product so I want to launch so the customer has a clear vision of who Puzzle Patterns is. I want people who see our product to immediately think this is reputable pattern company who I can trust and want to buy from. There are many PDF pattern companies out there, but they are more along the styles of country craft markets and I don’t want that, I want to grow this business up into something reputable that people think of when they think of creating their own beautiful clothing. A brand that they can trust to guide them to do so simply and easily and at the end they will have something beautiful that they want to wear or their kids/grandkids to wear and that when new collection launches they are excited and waiting to purchase and make my designs their own.”


The Casey BarberSHOP

The gift shop is an extension of Casey’s personality and style–witty, quirky, and above all, pop culture OBSESSED.
Project: Brand Identity
Current site: The Casey BarberSHOP (website design not part of this project)

“A friend once described the way I styled my home as “The Brady Bunch meets Frank Lloyd Wright” and I honestly couldn’t think of a better way to describe my overall design philosophy. I want to project a peppy, slightly vintage/retro vibe without being juvenile – there should be good bones beneath the work and an underlying knowledge that there is quality here, not just disposable stuff.”


Do any of these hard working business owners sound like you?

Your small but fast growing business is perfectly poised to make a big splash in online retail, and that’s exactly where Aeolidia loves to meet you. We are highly-ranked official Shopify Experts, with a history of exceeding expectations. Our work is strategic, completely custom, and entirely goals-based. We like to get involved when we know our work can be transformative and cause exponential growth.

Read more about what makes us different than the other designers you may be considering.

Ready? If you’re ready to move forward with your business, and to invest in some outside help, we would love to be your team. Please contact us if you’re interested in telling us more about your retail goals and objectives so we can put together a custom proposal for you.

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