Free Video: How To Figure Out What Branding Means For Your Business

How To Figure Out What Branding Means For Your Business

Do you feel like you’ve heard a lot about “branding” and “brand identity” but it just hasn’t quite clicked for you yet? Maybe you understand the big picture concept, but are having trouble relating it to your own business? Do you really need a target customer? Can you have more than one? How do you make your business stand out in a saturated market? Do you need to hire a graphic designer? How do you prioritize what to invest in when your budget is low? We dig into what branding means for your business.

I have something for you today!

Tracy Matthews of Flourish & Thrive Academy (a savvy resource for jewelry designers) invited me to an interview and Q&A session in her private Facebook group, available to paying students only. Our session was bonus content for her business-building students. Tracy has generously let me share this video to Aeolidia readers as well, free of charge.

We talked about branding basics in this live interview and Q&A period for this online course for jewelry designers growing their businesses. We got in-depth on target customer, your brand’s personality, differentiating your business from others, how to prioritize the different things you need to invest in at the beginning of your business journey, and so much more. I’m glad to be able to share this bit of bonus training with you for free!

Here’s a little sample clip where we talk about your dream customer:

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Branding 101: Laying the Foundation LIVE course

From target customer to differentiation, we talk about all the things that might trip you up when you’re working on your business’s brand identity.