Our Giveaway Winners

We've got winners!

Congratulations to Brittany – the Home Ground, who posted:

This is so wonderful!! I’d be in heaven with a website consultation. I love your posts with a few actionable tips, they’re awesome for getting some work done on my branding, site, etc. So happy you have a blog!

and kara, who said:

I would love (A)….this is a fun way to announce your new lovely blog.
Enjoy your before & afters + your advice I get in my inbox.
I get confused with all the social media…..I have found I love instagram + pinterest, hate twitter & have mediocre feelings for FB! ;) Hard to find a balance between so many of them oh, then there is tumblr plus a zillion more…….

They are our two winners for the big business giveaway! Thanks to all of you for giving our blog a warm welcome and giving us so many excellent ideas. We definitely have no shortage of topics to cover, and we’re all looking forward to digging into them.