Make a Trustworthy Website: Free Video

If you think your website is making you look like an amateur, this video is for you.

Another day, another video!

If you think your Shopify website is making you look like an amateur, this video is for you. Kiffanie Stahle offers artist businesses help with the legal side of things on her site, The Artist’s JD. She interviewed me about what you should think about when setting up a professional website for your business. Want to know how to make a trustworthy website? We’ve got you covered!

In this 39-minute interview we discuss:

  • Why a strong understanding of your brand is critical
  • What content you’ll need for your website to support your shop
  • How to define measurable, attainable goals for your shop
  • The importance of a website traffic-generating plan
  • How a custom site can help you achieve your goals

This video was previously only available to members of Kiffanie’s site, but she has graciously allowed me to share it with Aeolidia newsletter subscribers as well. I hope you’ll join us and watch it!

Here’s a little sample clip where we talk about the five ways to drive traffic to your site:

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