Make Your Shop Work by Hiring the Best Shopify Experts for Creatives

Aeolidia is one of the highest ranked Shopify Experts, and our custom sites transform businesses and result in substantial increases to online sales.

Do you want the 2017 Christmas season to be your biggest sales season yet? Today is the day to take action!

I’m talking to just a few special someones with this post. You are the special someone if you can answer yes to these four questions:

  • Do you own a creative or design-oriented product-based business?
  • Are you on track to gross at least $100,000 with your business this year?
  • Are other branches of your business growing, but online retail is slow?
  • Is your ecommerce conversion rate low (like 3% or below)?

You, I am talking to you: I have a suspicion that you can’t afford not to invest in your ecommerce site right now. Things change very quickly with the internet, and what worked 3 or 4 years ago is not going to keep you competitive.

Your business is at that tipping point where the return on investment for hiring Aeolidia can be huge. Not sure you believe it? Email me today, and I’ll ask for just two numbers from your stats which I can use to predict how your business will do with and without our help.

This is my latest party trick, and it’s been illuminating for the business owners I’ve been talking to.

If you know anyone who might fit the above criteria, please introduce me—I’d love to help out.

If you’re new here

Aeolidia is a web and graphic design studio that has been setting up online shops for designers, makers, and other creatives since before Etsy launched. Aeolidia serves those at early stages on their path with an informative blog and supportive community, and meets established businesses at that tipping point where strategic design can be transformative and cause exponential growth.

Aeolidia is one of the highest ranked Shopify Experts (we were the #1 US Expert last time I asked, but I don’t want to brag in case that’s changed), and Aeolidia alumni include Emily McDowell, Rifle Paper Co., and the Renegade Craft Fair.

The custom websites Aeolidia creates have a reputation for transforming businesses, taking them to the next step, and resulting in substantial increases to online sales.

Here you can see some of our design work:

Posie logo and print materials design

Sewing kit logo and print materials design: Posie


Petit Collage website redesign

Shopify toy store website redesign: Petit Collage


Handcrafted HoneyBee, product photography hero shot

Skincare logo and brand identity and product packaging: Handcrafted HoneyBee


Luxury spa logo and product packaging design

Luxury spa logo and product packaging design: Azalia Spa Goods


Aeolidia 2017 schedule


Get the most up-do date info on our schedule here.

We are booking all available 2017 blocks right now, so don’t delay if you have big plans for the year.

We only work with businesses that we can make a real difference for. Let me know where your business is at and where you want it to be, so we can make a plan. I hope to hear from you today!

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