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"The difference between a website or a brand identity that's executed at 90% and 100%, the difference is not 10%, in my eyes. It's another 100%." I talk with Lela from Brick House Branding about how to plan for a stellar customer experience for your online shop.

I have two useful things for you today! One is free, and one is such a wonderful investment in your business that I hope you’ll consider it. Keep reading, I have exclusive free access to paid video content for you.

Today’s post is about Lucky Break Consulting. This isn’t an affiliate or sponsored post, I just really like what Lela Barker is doing for creative entrepreneurs. She offers a class, Brick House Branding, to teach just what businesses need to build a brand identity and strategy that aims them toward success.

Lela focuses on the core of your brand: the vision, values, and story behind it. Her work is amazing prep for hiring Aeolidia to make it all happen.

Brick House Branding graduates

We worked with two standout businesses last year who were Brick House Branding graduates, and both were completely prepared for the process of working with us, and their two projects are among the best we’ve ever done.

product packaging and photography

Our brand identity and packaging design for Aimee Flor of Azalia Spa Goods, BHB graduate

Handcrafted HoneyBee - brand identity design for a skin care company

Our brand identity and packaging design for Stacia and Robert Guzzo of Handcrafted HoneyBee, BHB graduate

Brick House Branding expert interview

I was tickled pink to be invited to chat with Lela for module 5 of her course, Building a Stellar Customer Experience. That’s what we love to do here at Aeolidia! I think you’ll be interested in this interview. Here’s a short clip to give you a taste of what we talked about:

Lela: The difference between a website or a brand identity that’s executed at 90% and 100%, the difference is not 10%, in my eyes. It’s another 100%.

A lot of brands will go to 90%. They’ll do pretty good photos. But it’s the brands that have knock your socks off photos that really get your attention. It’s the brands that have really taken the time to craft that brand story and build a really welcoming About page that’s a rallying cry to join them in whatever they believe about the world. Those are the ones that get our attention.

Wow, we covered so much in this hour long chat!

  • How important is an e-commerce site for a product-based brand in the modern era?
  • A well-styled, smartly-developed website is often a big investment for a new brand. If we’re short on resources, how do we prioritize this piece?
  • What about relying on third-party venues like Etsy and Amazon?
  • What are your favorite platforms for web development? What are the pros + cons of those platforms?
  • What are wireframes and why are they important?
  • What’s the difference between a web designer and a web developer? Are those ever one and the same?
  • What are some of the key decisions we need to make before diving into a new web project?
  • What are some of the key questions that we should ask a potential web designer/developer to ensure that the project is ultimately successful?
  • What are some of the big trends or best developments you’re seeing in modern web design?
  • What are some of the biggest mistakes you see product-based brands make with their websites?

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This video was only available to paying Brick House Branding students. But now you can get it! Lela has given her blessing for me to share this video exclusively with my subscribers. Want to check the rest of this out for free? Just sign up below, and I’ll email the video link directly to you:

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Crafting Your Customer Experience

Here is how to take your customer experience from 90% to 100% and reap the rewards.

Interested in gaining clarity about your brand?

I’ll let Lela explain the value of her course to you. From her site:

How much more profitable + sustainable will your business be when you’re deeply connected to the core of your brand and have the clarity necessary to make your products stand out in densely competitive marketplaces?

How much more effective + efficient will your work be when you’re able to create products + marketing strategies that act like a magnet, drawing your target audience right to your doorstep?

How incredible will it feel when the development of your next product, blog post, editor pitch, and Instagram photo are painless + intuitive, because your finger is so firmly on the pulse of communicating what your brand is all about?

How proud will you be when you’re able to confidently price your products + command the sums they truly deserve because the value is crystal clear?

You can learn all about Brick House Branding and sign up here: Brick House Branding 2016. Enrollment closes in just a few days, on the 16th, so get in there!