Aeolidia signing off for 2016

Aeolidia seasonal merman in wreath

This is the last post on the Aeolidia blog in 2016! Most of our readers are very busy this time of year just keeping afloat with fulfilling orders, so this is when we slow down, recharge, and get serious about 2017 planning.

I have a lot in store for you, including:

  • A proper members’ area on this site that contains all of our bonus content to help you build a business. It will be free to newsletter subscribers.
  • An ebook for those of you who are DIYing your social media efforts. Learn how to do what the agencies do in a way that’s effective for your business.
  • A live Q&A in the Facebook group about forming an LLC (next week!).
  • Upcoming newsletters: books that will change your business for the better, night guy vs. morning guy, what to do about Google’s change for sites with pop-ups, why your brand is like the velveteen rabbit…
  • Upcoming blog posts: using Facebook groups to create customer communities, how to choose a great name for your business, deciding when to invest time or money, things that could be affecting your conversion rate, and more interviews with amazing handmade shop owners.

Even though the blog will be taking a nap, we will be chatting in our Facebook group and I will continue to send my weekly newsletter. Subscribe below to be included in both of these things:

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